Top Chef: Take It Cheesy
April 3, 2024 9:24 PM - Season 21, Episode 3 - Subscribe

You knew it was coming in the Wisconsin season: the cheese episode!

For the quickfire, the chefs choose choice cherries and run a not-quite-Monty Hall mystery door for pairing ingredients.

For the elimination, the chefs and a bunch of cheesy guests sweat through a midday Festival of Croquettes, er, I mean, Cheese. In a cornfield. “Cheese ‘n bees!”

In Last Chance Kitchen, Kenny and Soo stink up the kitchen with a Limburger Battle.
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Kristin’s waistcoat and leather/denim jeans was an absolutely savage look.

What a treat to see Clea DuVall! This show feels delightfully queer this season. And lovely Rasika, that was pretty cool to see her be confidently out, and to kick ass in another challenge.

Big bravo to Michelle for her southern saag paneer, what a great concept and execution.

The chefs thought they were cooking for everyday Wisconsinites but it seemed like a fair bit of the audience were actually the featured cheesemakers and their families.

Gail: “What time and mold will do…”
Padma-in-my-head: “Is that what your podiatrist said, Gail?”
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PS FrayedKnot I didn’t mean to preempt your post but I had to write down that Gail line to stop giggling so I can sleep.
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Meant to include a link to Kristin’s aftershow, The Dish with Kish.
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No worries, sixswitch! Happy to have the post exist.

How on EARTH was there only one Mac and Cheese? AND after hearing else was doing a croquette, how did no one switch? Just crazy to me.

With Rasika racking up the wins, really missing Padma. Can only imagine how much she would be enjoying eating her food, and seeing her succeed.

And answering my own question from last week, Tom tweeted that Dan "opted out" of LCK. Seem likely Soo is simply an alternate available for exactly this situation rather than a pre-planned 'twist.'
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This is Top Chef, not Top Croquette!

I also really love the new Dish with Kish.

Kenny really seemed out of his element, I'm not shocked he went home, because he just seemed flailing.
posted by Carillon at 11:05 PM on April 4

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