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April 8, 2024 1:43 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Colter is tasked with tracking down a missing young man who may have been pulled into a cult, and who seemingly doesn't want to be found.

Those with a good memory for faces, may recognise the actor playing the charismatic Cult Leader, Ryan Robbins who played Lycanthrope Henry Foss in Sanctuary, for the duration of the shows 4 season run (2008 - 2011).
    In this episode we learn:
  1. A little bit more about Colter's relationship with his deceased Father, and that his Mother may be hiding information about his father from Colter..
  2. That Eric (the Tech support side of Team Colter) can access potentially *highly restricted* law enforcement databases in order to identify people.
  3. That Teddi & Velma sometimes visit people that Colter needs sympathetically interviewed.
  4. That Colter can disarm a man with a gun faster than you're average hire-a-sercurity goon.
  5. That hire-a-security goons are *really bad* at tailing people in a car on this show.
  6. As part of his job Colter seems to need to break & enter locations.. * a lot*.
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