Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Food Delivery Apps
April 14, 2024 4:23 AM - Season 11, Episode 6 - Subscribe

This week (aired on March 31, 2024).... The Murrieta Police Department has agreed to stop altering their mugshot photos with Lego heads. Trump's legal issues cost a lot, which might be paid for by Truth Social's company TMTG's IPO. (The show aired in the narrow period when it looked like it might be worth $5 billion for Trump.) And Now: Garth Brooks' Facebook Videos Are A Portrait Of A Very Strange Man. Main story: Food Delivery Apps, how the squeeze restaurants and drivers while even now not being profitable for their companies. On Youtube (26 minutes) And Now: Stuart Varney's Favorite Person Is Exactly Who You Think It Is. (Margaret Thatcher, somehow)

Truth Social: "A potato with the words 'social media' painted on it."

F.37: "Carpe Peep," EASTER
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Thanks John! I feel a little bit less bad about using a food delivery app.
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So long as you tip well. I do late night Doordash sometimes, and you wouldn't believe the distances I've been asked to drive for like three dollars, and we still must buy our own fast. To make a go of this... well, it's not easy in any case, but you have to maintain discipline about which orders you accept. Doordash does not have drivers' backs in this regard, tips are the only way to make it work. Sometimes I see a case where someone tacked on a tip after an order was delivered, or chose to hide part of their tip until delivery, and while those are appreciated, that is not the way to get your orders delivered. I have literally seen a row of orders at a local Dennys that no one has picked up, that probably went cold and had to be thrown out, because no one would take them. (Often I'm the only person even doing Doordash in my town late late at night. Curse you crazy sleeping pattern!)
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(Argh, when I write comments quickly, I do it in part by saying what I want to say in my head, which sometimes results in me replacing words with other words that kind of sound like them. As a result in the comment above, I entered fast when I meant gas. It's bothersome I know.)
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