Parks and Recreation: "The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show"
February 17, 2015 5:52 PM - Season 7, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Andy has his last day of his Children's show. Ben, Leslie, April and Ron reminisce how far Andy has come in Pawnee. Andy finds it difficult to leave Pawnee.
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Heh: "Veri-xx-otle - Proud to be one of America's 8 companies."
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The callback to that ad at the end was pure genius, as well. I have to admit, the PaunchBurger one fooled me for a second.
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Oh, this was great! The commercials were marvelous. Ron's commercial definitely made me laugh audibly. Glad to see the return of Champion, and that the loose spider didn't eat him. Nice to also see the return of Burt Tyrannosaurus Macklin, FBI (I guess Kip Hackman just couldn't hack it) and Ben's Game of Thrones obsession (what can't that man be? An accountant, a TV scientist, a mayor, a city planner, a Congressman, the owner of a cute butt, a knight?)

I would watch a show with Retta as a no-nonsense police chief. Carmen Sandiego reboot?

Though I kind of wanted Andy to just be able to transfer his show to DC, I'm glad they went a more emotionally-honest, less wish-fulfillment route where a character actually does have to at least temporarily compromise and close the door on a dream to keep what's more important in life.

Cheers to the one science-loving kid in the audience. He will be mayor some day, or at least city planner, and nobody will listen to anything he has to say.

I realize why they didn't, but I thought this would be a great episode to have Chris and Ann (particularly Ann) return, so we could really see Andy's whole journey. Mostly, I just miss them.

Today was Pancake Tuesday, but I had waffles instead, because Knopeism is also a valid religion.
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Winter is coming for Sir Ben Lightstorm. I love how much of a nerd he is.
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I believe that would be "Ser" Ben Lightstorm, closed captioner! [I hate that I just typed this but it's what Ben would have wanted]
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In the Parks universe, have they mentioned if the next Game of Thrones book has come out?
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They mention the show having had its last episode, where Daenerys marries Jack Sparrow and Ben says it makes sense if you've read the books, so I assume both are supposed to have been finished.
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The complete disclaimer
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That was fantastic. I laughed my butt off all through this ep. The commercials put it over the top. Well done!
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True confession: my mouth watered at the gross PaunchBurger ad and is again just thinking about it.
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The thing that's hilarious about the PaunchBurger ad is that it actually dovetails with McDonald's current no-apologies slob-appeal marketing strategy. Welcome to the future!
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I can believe I got teary at the end of The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion a Show. That April Ludgate Karate-Dwyer is a lucky lady. *sniff*

I just watched the episode on Hulu. Did they replace all of the real commercials with the fake commercials during the regular TV broadcast too?
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The broadcast version did just the first and last commercials for each break, with real ads in between. Does Hulu go 100% fake ads on this one? I figured that NBC would be keen to get every last penny from the final vestige of their once-proud Thursday night comedy lineup, even on streaming.
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I'm a sucker for gimmick episodes like this (that episode of The Office where Michael has finally completed editing Threat Level Midnight is a favorite) and this one was outstanding. Looks like a lot of fun to shoot, too.
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Does Hulu go 100% fake ads on this one?

Hulu aired the fake ads with some real ads.
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This might be my favorite episode ever. So adorable. And Ron's commercial! Bwah!

And poor April, feeling terrible in the background through the whole thing.

I really hope they figure out some way to start this up in the DC area.
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The PaunchBurger ad looks exactly like the Hardee's ads from a couple years back.
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