Leftovers Re-Watch?
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I've been re-watching The Leftovers, my second viewing after having watched the original run 10(!) years ago. I've been re-reading the original FanFare commentary, and while it's fascinating to see how opinions about the show changed in real time, I'm wondering if a re-watch might kindle some deeper, more meaningful conversation, particularly in light of our own very-real departure, errr, pandemic.

I consider it one of the best shows ever on TV, but it is a HARD watch, so I'm thinking I'd post one or two episodes a week to FanFare, tops. With 20ish total episodes, that'll take us a couple of months.

Anyone else interested in a re-watch?
posted by Frayed Knot (2 comments total)
I've been trying to steel myself for a rewatch as well, especially since I never finished the original run. I guess we would reuse the existing posts then?
posted by Two unicycles and some duct tape at 2:56 PM on May 7

I just finished a rewatch with a friend who had never seen the show. We both really enjoyed it and I got a lot out of the second watch. Wouldn't do another watch so soon but I might dip into some episode discussions.
posted by roolya_boolya at 9:10 AM on May 9

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