The Idea of You (2024)
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40-year-old single mom Solene begins an unexpected romance with 24-year-old Hayes Campbell, the lead singer of August Moon, the hottest boy band on the planet.

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I really like Anne Hathaway but this one's trailers aren't grabbing me. Yet?
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The reviews I've seen have been almost all positive in an "it knows what it is and delivers if you let it" way. Looks very cute, and we don't get many decent romcoms these days, so it's on my list for sure.
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In anticipation of this movie (because I love Anne H and Nicholas G), I read the book, which was stupid in a not unenjoyable way - a 40yo woman has a fling with a 20yo pop star, which ends and that's it.

They made enough changes to the movie that I'd re-categorize it as a love story - they made the pop star older (24/25 with an actor who is almost 30), cut out a lot of the stupid things Solene did while they were dating like blowing off work, made the daughter older and less in love with pop star, made the tabloid pictures less risque, made the ex-husband more of a douche, and added the new ending about meeting up again in 5 years. Did I feel pandered to as a 40-something woman? Absolutely. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely.
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I did not want to like this but I did! Maybe could have done without the happily ever after at the end, but I'm not super mad about it.

I have been doing a Veep rewatch so when the ex-husband showed up I said, "It's Dan!" and then the character's name is Daniel and boy this actor really gets typecast as assholes named Dan.
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