Encounter Party: The Very Private Passenger
May 6, 2024 1:42 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

"One passenger is missing. One is locked away. One is under guard. None may be acting alone." (IMDB)

In Game: Ulavina faces racial profiling. Tolo learns about maintaining artillery. Ulred gets the zoomies. Asher, Ulavina, and Tolo make a dinner date. Flik reveals some totally legitimate, very legal, not at all suspicious skills. Asher seeks justice, and water. Dryddian solves the mystery of la cage aux folles. Vinh finds bird poop (not Flik's though, he's a hygienic kenku). The group uncover a conspiracy surrounding the missing passenger.

Meta: Landree gets inspiration and whoa was that impressive puzzle work by Andrew.
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Some pretty fun character moments in this: Asher's humble-brags and lovable egotism had me cracking up, as did Tolo's youthful naivete -- I loved Khary's reaction, "You can turn invisible?!?!" Also, "I'm Tolo, from before." More cute animal noises from DM Brian when Ulred gets the zoomies. Ned's facial expressions throughout were pretty hilarious; I love the way he reacts to the other players.

I wanted a better look at the birdcage cypher that Andrew cracked to get a better idea of how he figured it out.

I don't remember if the plot points that get introduced here -- the missing Zentarim agents, the plot to take the boat -- get fully resolved later or if they get tied into the main quest...
posted by Saxon Kane at 9:14 AM on May 7

I liked how the previously prickly Asher became protective of Ulavina once the crew started giving the halfling a hard time, then got all fired up for justice. And I was so relieved that Ulavina didn't end up locked up, when she seems the sweetest of the party and least likely to cause trouble. Olred being entirely another matter, of course.

And along with the owlbear cub noises, props to DM Brian for all the sounds behind Ignis Epsilon's door. These NPCs are so well rendered -- I appreciated Gabrosh freaking out about the seeming voice in his head, and the deaf cook too.

Yes to Ned's expressions! And I think he totally forgot about Flik's reading-inflicted blindness, oof.

I would love it if they posted photos of the puzzles somewhere so we could try solving them ourselves. How much time did the DM spend creating all this beforehand?? I'm impressed how the players are able to solve them under the pressure of recording.
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I SURE DID FORGET. I WAS SO FOCUSED ON SOLVING THE DANG PUZZLE THAT I FORGOT. You can see it on my face, I'm annoyed at myself :P
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Hey, you already impressed us with solving the puzzle in the first episode!
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At first I thought it was just Flik trying to hide his affliction by acting normal -- "Of course I go read the papers, that's what Flik does!" But oops! :)

It did lead to some funny bits.

Brian: "Duuuuude."

Ned: "Hmmm... what DO I see?.... (do I hear anything?)"
Brian: "No."

And then the slick save, "Here, you take a look at them!" Good stuff :)
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