Special Event: Mining Accident Theater: WAR OF THE ROBOTS
May 9, 2024 8:39 AM - Subscribe

MST Club presents.... Okay, this one requires some explanation. MST Club has lately been doing "expanded universe" riffs, like Rifftrax and The Mads Are Back, but has also been presenting fan-made riffing productions, like this one. Many old fanriffs are lost to the ages, sadly, but this one is quite recent, like two-weeks-ago recent! Mining Accident Theater is the story of Bogdan Smithee, a person trapped in an abandoned mine, with nothing but coworker Tom MacDonald and stranded rescuer Katherine Sprakehunter, and a bunch of old filmreels, to keep them company. There's no "Shadowrama" effect, their comments are just voiceovers. Up to this point MAT has only riffed shorts. This is their first attempt at riffing a full movie, and it's a doozy. It doozes. It's Alfonso Bresca's WAR OF THE ROBOTS, a movie where the robot army is composed of bodybuilders with Prince Valiant haircuts, the ultimate evil lady leader is named "Lois," and... well, you should see it for youself. On Youtube. Here. (1 hour 42 minutes) It was released April 2024.

Disclaimed: I found out about Mining Accident Theater on the official MST3K Discourse forum, and I've been in contact with the creators before. In the forums there, I have been described (by them) as their only fan. It is true, I've followed them for a while and I'm rooting for them. But that's not why I'm posting this here; it happens to fit into MST Club's purview. There's lots of other old fanriffs we'd like to show, like the long-defunct Mystery Spatula Theater 11, but many are simply lost to bitrot. Yet again I remind you: preservation matters.
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