Sugar: The Friends You Keep
May 10, 2024 12:12 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Sugar's fears for the safety of his friends lead him to a clandestine gathering where he learns a dangerous secret -- and the truth about Olivia.

"Man is like a breath, his days are like a passing shadow."

Those baby blues. E.T. phone home. I like sleeping on the floor. Close friends and family only. Truth and reconciliation. The cupboard under the stairs. Sugar tries to dodge his boss. The towel rail comes in clutch. Aggressive performance review. You're a spy. School's out for Henry. A rolling PI gathers no Moss. Recall is sounded, mission is over. Becoming more human. Aliens walk amongst us. Vote Pavich. Keep a saw in the basement.
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Sugar does to Pavich as Anton Yelchin's character did to Colin Farrell's character in the Fright Night remake - breaking and entering for a look in the basement.
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Black-clad Miller and Ruby using quantum-entangled manual typewriters to send a message to Earth Miller and Ruby was ripped right out of Fringe and just clarified that the show should have been weird from the start.

Introducing at this late date the plot of an alien expeditionary force on Earth throws a huge bucket of water on the missing Olivia storyline. Yes, a woman having been evilly trafficked by three evil men who are now all dead is awful, but revealing the existence of aliens has global implications! I feel that if it was explicit from the start that Sugar would stop at nothing to find Olivia even if it meant exposing himself and his team, the story would have been more impactful than the twist out of left field.

Anyway, since anything goes now, I’m going to share my theory that Ruby’s cat is the true leader of the alien team.
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Also, minor point, but if Sugar was speaking his native tongue in his sleep, how would Melanie figure out “Djen” was a name?
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> I feel that if it was explicit from the start

Agreed. Feels like the show is lacking a meaty central conflict now.

All the time spent with the Hollywood family has not added up to much, perhaps overwritten to fill time or try to establish some "real people" in its world (do we see them again now? do we care?); and the later plot movement kinda cancels the earlier plot movement. I'm assuming there is just one episode left because I don't know what else this could have to say now.

I was looking forward to this show a lot in the early going. I think this one would have benefited from a binge-watching release cuz the eps are on the short side for a drama and the dramatic turns are not so well-marked that anticipation goes up with a wait.

I can't go back and verify, but I wonder if every episode has ended with a close shot of Our Alien. I know the last two have (looking into mirror; looking into the hidey-hole). But he's the main character so what is even my point.
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Wow, just wow. Such disappoint. So much jump sharking. I feel like it was all a dream.
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Sepinewall's "Surf Dracula" review was 100% on point.
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i did kind of laugh at the serial killer cliche torture dungeon reveal. this show though is suffering from intense third act problems
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I feel like I could use some more alien stuff? Like Observing Aliens is such a trope anyway, and they aren't doing all that much of it or with it.
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