La Chimera (2023)
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Just out of jail, crumpled English archaeologist Arthur reconnects with his wayward crew of tombaroli — happy-go-lucky grave-robbers — as well as the family of his lover.

With Isabella Rossellini. RT: 94/70, 130 minutes, Italian language.
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I liked this movie. I haven't seen any other Alice Rohrwacher but I'll have to check out Happy as Lazzaro now.

Here is what I wrote about it on another site, if I may be forgiven for just copy-pasting myself:
Saw LA CHIMERA (2023). It’s about an English archaeologist who can divine Etruscan burial sites, and he employs this skill for his gang of merry scumbag tomb robbers. He’s a broken husk of a person, just out of prison, pining for his dead red-haired lover.

I read a blurb before viewing, that said it’s magical realism, and he finds the door to the underworld to go fetch his dead lover. I was like okay now I’m sold. But thats a very symbolic reading lol. I was disappointed but enjoyed what I saw anyway. The film is much closer to a naturalistic story with some sprinkles of cinematic magic here and there, a little more concerned with being watchable fun sad whimsical rustic funny than mysterious mythical profound.

It’s not Orpheus/Eurydice, not like portrait of a lady on fire was. I don’t think that reading fits very well. Yes, he dreams of his dead gf and goes underground and finds a goddess, so it’s right there! But I think it’s an interpretive dead end. The movie shows its depths imho.
By "shows its depths" I guess I mean like: when Arthur is pondering the horrible machine of the stolen antiquities market, it cuts to him pondering the hissing churning engine for a second lol.

This movie also made me feel a wave of appreciation Isabella Rossellini. Her role is small but her eyeballs sure can act. I also really like her mass of daughters who are differentiated and natural enough for it to feel real, but... just a little tiny half-inch into unreal.
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Loved this. So touching and fun, with really enjoyable direction. The moment on the train with the ghosts is extraordinary. I have many friends who are archaeologists and curators and they can’t stop talking about this movie.
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