Interview with the Vampire: No Pain
May 26, 2024 3:04 AM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Armand tells the history of the Theatre des Vampires; Louis tells of his reluctance to join.
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Another amazing episode. Really one for the book fans. I'm very interested to see where they go with the Talamasca elements and whether Raglan James will have his book canon background or not.

It's very clear that this is an episode where you need to keep in mind, as they say in the BTS segment, who is telling the story, and why, and to whom. Armand's version of Lestat is literally a silly clown who he effortlessly throws around. He definitely downplays how much control and intrigue Lestat has for him. Clearly he was deeply in love or obsessed with Lestat for that time, but he acts as if it was just a dalliance and a mistake.

Definitely feeling tense about Claudia's fate as the noose draws in. I still don't know how that's going to go, but I feel so sorry for her as I didn't in other adaptations. They're all victims, really, from Armand outwards. Just pain begetting pain.
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Oh no, not the rat box. :(

This episode was PACKED with incident. Almost felt like an episode of The Good Place, for how much plot got devoured, there.

Agree, 100%, fight or flight, about keeping in mind who the viewpoint character is for all the 18th century stuff. I had a moment of puzzlement about how they were dealing with Nicki before I remembered that myself.

Some of Daniel's folders: "Files older than 1990s," "Fuck taxes," "Relaxation shit," "Scribblings."
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Oh Armand, thank you for your fanfic version of The Vampire Lestat. The Children of Satan were exactly like I’d imagined them the first time I thread the book, but otherwise that was like the Dr. Skipper version of that story and I’m surprised Daniel didn’t call him on it.

I’m enthralled with Assad’s subtle expressions, eye movements, slight upturning of his mouth in those opening scenes with Daniel. Please don’t let us down, showrunners.

Speaking of, why is Roland still not doing the after ep comments this season?

I feel like I’ll be spending this whole week looking at stills from the computer files of this episode. I’ve never been excited for the Talamasca, but I am excited for Mr. RJ.
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Man, Weeds was such a terrible show; it blows my mind that nearly two decades later every time I see Justin Kirk show up in something I know I'm going to love it.
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Speaking of, why is Roland still not doing the after ep comments this season?

I assume you mean Rolin Jones. I think the BTS segments might have been filmed during the writer's strike when he wasn't crossing the picket line. He's doing press and turning up to con panels and things now, so he's still definitely involved in the show.
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Fight- yes, Rolin, sorry! I didn't catch the autocorrect on my phone.
That makes total sense. With the podcast being canceled, I wasn't sure if they'd cut other things. I'm so happy he is still involved.
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