Pandemonium (2023)
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Two men find themselves in the road on the side of a mountain near a car crash. They slowly come to realize that they are the victims of the crash.

This is a horror anthology uses two men realizing they are dead and must move onto the afterlife as the "wrap around" segment followed by two more and then the conclusion of the encompassing story. The other segments are previous short films by the director, Quarxx. Those films are "Plus Jamais Possible" (unlisted on his imdb but listed on his letterboxd) and "Les Princesses Font Ce Qu'elles Veulent" (Princesses Do What They Want).

Content Warning: This film depicts the death of a child, the suicide of a teenager, possible cannibalism and bullying. A violently sociopathic child discusses murdering baby birds, appears to hang a fairly human appearing monster, and may have also murdered her parents. There is discussion throughout by a character of "euthanizing" his wife with MS. There's a lot of disturbing topics and depictions.
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While the film is somewhat visually interesting, there's not a lot of there there. Despite a lot of disturbing subjects and depictions this movie frankly bored me. I know with the description that seems impossible, but somehow this movie remained on the surface and never got me to care. Part of that has to do with Quarxx's habit of introducing characters after they are already dead so we never really get to know them.

Even Nathan, who we spend the most time with, I don't have any feelings for him because we never really get to know him aside from he maybe euthanized/maybe murdered his wife. And that's just words he keeps repeating. I have no idea if he did or didn't and have no reason to care. And I'm a disabled woman. Normally that kind of thing would be very provocative to me, but it just doesn't feel real.It felt more like Quarxx was reaching for something emotionally charged and ambivalent, but didn't know how to give that story genuine feelings. And that's pretty much the whole film in a nutshell. The opening is promising, but it quickly disintegrates into some lovely visuals without much heart or anything else.
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