Special Event: 2024 Stanley Cup Finals: Edmonton Oilers vs. Florida Panthers
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This will be the Florida Panthers' 3rd visit to the finals (zero Stanley Cup wins to date). The Oilers maintained a dynasty during the Wayne Gretzky years, with 4 Stanley Cup wins (and a 5th, post-Gretzky, during the 89-90 season). Previously: 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Stanley Cup has not resided with a Canada-based team since 1993's Montreal Canadiens' victory over the Los Angeles Kings (incidentally, Wayne Gretzky's last appearance in a Stanley Cup final series playing for the Kings).

Who to watch: Connor McDavid was drafted to the Oilers in 2015, he is the Captain of the team, and he is referred to as a 'generational talent' (or McJesus, by his admirers). Leon Draisaitl is a phenomenal talent, German-born, and plays Centre/Left for Edmonton. He reminds me a little of Mark Messier: skills matched with a bit of a nasty streak. He has benefited from a steady diet of McDavid assists but there's no denying he'd be putting up points no matter who he plays with. Stuart Skinner, the young "local hero" (born in Edmonton) is the Oiler's netminder and probably the biggest question mark for fans: which Skinner is going to show up?

I will leave it to the Panthers fans to talk up Tkachuk, Barkov, Bennett, Bobrovsky, et. al. I respect Matthew Tkachuk's ability to be a difference-maker in a game but I won't mind at all to see Evander Kane hit him hard against the boards a few times.
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Game 1 of the series is tomorrow! Puck drops at 6:00pm MST

Edmonton will play in Florida the first two games (Saturday and Monday), then two days for travel and Games 3 and 4 in Edmonton, Thursday and Saturday
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Fun fact for your next trivia night: at 2541 miles, this is the furthest apart two teams have been so far for the Stanley Cup Finals. Vancouver vs Boston at 2499 miles apart held the previous record. I think Vancouver vs Miami at 3431 miles (per Google) would probably be the actual furthest apart 2 teams could be.
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Australian here - vibe check - does most of Canada hate the Oilers but are sucking it up because Canada?
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No, regardless of Boston Pizza, most Canadians aren't actively rooting for the Oilers. They've had too many years of really high draft picks and they've not done anything with them until now. McDavid and Draisaitl are whiners despite their obvious skill.

As a Canucks fan, I'm rooting for the Panthers (there's a Robert Luongo connection).

New York Times/ Athletic (may be paywalled) Oilers or Panthers? A Stanley Cup Final rooting guide for 30 other NHL fan bases.
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I'll end up plate-of-beans-ing your question, jjderooy, but here goes

2) never trust a Canucks fan
3) there are Oilers haters but they tend to congregate in Calgary

most people who are: not porpoise and Canadian are cheering for the Oilers, I can guarantee it

if there is a perennially hated Canadian franchise it is Toronto, anyone who says otherwise is sniffing their own special glue. the hate for the Leafs, outside of the fandom, is so vitriolic that I've seen people who aren't satisfied to see them lose, they need to see those Game 7-come-from-a-3-1-deficit kinds of losses to fully enjoy their hatred of the team

I grew up in Atlantic Canada, most people either cheered for Montreal or Boston with your occasional Nordiques fan for the contrarians. Just past the 80s mid-point and just as I was moving out West, a lot of people started getting on the Oilers fan bus, how could you not (Gretzky), then I ended up in Alberta and not anywhere close to Calgary so Oilers it is

most of Canada, and I say this unequivocally, are not hating on the Oilers right now
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There is a man in Edmonton who specified in his will that he wanted the Edmonton Oilers to be the pallbearers at his funeral [beat] so that they could let him down one last time. [rimshot]
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Canadian here rooting for the Panthers. I'm not a hockey guy, but I like coach Paul Maurice and want him to win the cup, if only to spite Winnipeg.
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Most of my Canadian-born extended family is from Edmonton so by all measures I should be rooting for the Oilers, but my cousin who keeps sharing memes about the Oilers fan who, ah, exposed herself on camera during a game in the family group chat is making it very difficult (cousin is very recently divorced and being very Divorced Man about it)
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Go swamp cats!
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In no particular order, remember when Bob's salary was a sign that the hockey world was ending? McDavid's chin bandaid looks silly but his neck cut looks gross. Ekblad doesn't get enough love.
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Did McD really say Dallas should have won game 6? I saw a quote but the linked video is too long for me to bear.
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Huh-McD doesn't specify Dallas but he does say they ,maybe shouldn't have won game 6 in this X/twitter link https://x.com/sportsnet/status/1799647860495114255
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2nd and 3rd periods of Game 6 were tilted heavily for Dallas, luckily Skinner made some critical saves.

So far Bobrovsky is MVP, some fantastic net-minding throughout the post season and the Oilers will have to figure him out. Ever the Oilers fan, I just hope they head back to Edmonton with a split
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It could be added, the Panthers were not playing their best on Saturday. If Florida comes out strong in tonight's game, Edmonton may be in trouble.
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see above

Panthers take a 2-0 lead heading to Edmonton, and the single goal scored against Bobrovsky is small consolation for an Oilers team that couldn't get many shots on net throughout the game. Both teams have been taking questionable penalties, but Florida ended Edmonton's penalty killing streak and scored a power play goal. I'd say injuries are starting to make a presence, both teams are probably nursing some secret hurts. What a tough road to a trophy.
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Edmonton may be in trouble

Confirmed, Edmonton is in trouble.
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Florida will be in trouble if Barkov is out or further injured.
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I dunno, Florida seems to have some "Barkov to spare"

He is a fitting captain and he makes his presence felt, but the Panthers are playing to win and I don't think his absence would be a deciding factor

Meanwhile, after yesterday's game the Oilers have a lot to sort out: beating Bobrovsky and matching Florida's tempo
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Barkov is a Selke winning center. He played 17 min before he left the game with 9 min left in the 3rd. He's been instrumental in how Florida's been able to shut down a lot of fantastic scorers this playoff series. I don't follow Florida enough to know who will pick it it up if Barkov can't play.Tarasenko didn't seem to have a lot of ice time and I'm not sure why. Maurice doesn't seem to relying heavily on any one player though, probably indicative of the physical game they play. Tkachuk, Reinhart, Bennett, each had 17 to 20 in the whole game. The defense also had minutes well spread out, with no one higher than 20 to 22. (Of course I'm coming from Pitt and Dallas where some dman is always playing 30 min, it seems)
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Just to compare with Edmonton, McDavid and Drai had 22 to 25 minutes and Bouchard had just over than 30 minutes.

There's a depth issue here. It's hard to match tempo when you're exhausted.
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Draisaitl escapes punishment as Stanley Cup Final ratchets up intensity

Liberty to drill Drai a few times now? Should have been adjudicated as an infraction.
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Liberty to drill Drai a few times now?

Florida has enforcers and is up two games. Why not?
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Overheard on YouTube, “It’s McOver.”
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Whoa! Edmonton, be careful! Don't take all your goals in one game!

I'm not surprised Edmonton had a breakout game finally but getting Bob pulled was unexpected. He can be erratic but he was playing really well until this game. regression to the mean, I guess.
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No kidding, wild Game 4

You'd hope Edmonton would avoid a sweep, and they did, and Game 5 in Florida should be entertaining.
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Damn. McJebus was involved in every one of Edmonton's goals.

Can't believe the 5-hole goal that beat Bobby.
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Overheard on YouTube, “It’s McOver.”

happily premature

well it's an interesting series, and the first three games left some doubt that we'd get that

the empty net goal was one for the ages, I suspect there will be a Bill Zito meme hitting the web shortly. whatever happens next, I think McDavid has acquitted himself
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I hadn't realized how much I wanted Florida to win until Edmonton started their comeback effort. Also hadn't realized how much I really don't like hockey in June but that's more post-season talk.
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I appreciate how Florida plays and I appreciate the team's ethic, and I'm always happy to see a club get their first Stanley Cup, so in that sense I'm not sure there's a losing outcome for me

But my proximity to Edmonton has me hoping the Oilers force a Game 7 and I'd be happy to see them bring the Cup home
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Game 6 tonight, my goodness

I'm guessing Florida would like to avoid Game 7 roulette, even the prospect of winning at home. I expect them to come out hard, play to win, leave nothing to chance

Edmonton's at-home record is not great, but who knows what will happen tonight. I can recall a few ho-hum final series in the past, but this one is edging up the hype meter.. my one regret is that Jack Michaels is not calling the post season games, he is built for this intensity
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Yeah, Bobby's a broken goalie now. I really hope that I'm wrong.

Frick'n McJebus. Drai too.
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and I mean that they have been absolutely astounding.
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