The Marigold
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Set in the near future of a climate change ravaged Toronto, The Marigold is pretty damned good eco-horror.

This book lambastes the rich, all those shiny condo towers, surveillance culture, and of course, raccoons.

I just finished it and I'd say it's very worth picking up (or checking out from your library).
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I haven't read this, but the description sounds intriguing enough that I've alerted the lead of our post-apocalyptic fiction book club.

I also read one review that called it "a Cronenberg take on The Bonfire Of The Vanities" and that sounds intriguing as ALL hell.
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Yeah, the author said his influences were J.G. Ballard's High-Rise and Cronenberg. It's a good read and would be a good fit for your club. I just sent him a DM on BlueSky telling him that I really enjoyed it and look forward to his future work. (He also posts adorable pics of his doggo on Blue Sky.)
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added to my list!
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Here is a link to 'The Marigold' at the publisher's website.
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Yup, that's already listed to the upper right for the book link.
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Sold! Added to cart.
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