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Once upon a time, Eddie Murphy made an animated TV series.

Co-written by Larry Wilmore. It remains to be seen how well the series has aged. Many episodes available on Youtube.
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Will Vinton Studios Hype.
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All I remember about this series is that it didn't grab me--it was on Fox after King of the Hill, and I was familiar enough with the show's manhole-cover logo that I recognized it instantly when it made a cameo appearance on Futurama--and the only reason that I know that I ever watched any of it is that I remember the bit with the HUD lady always being hidden behind a solid pane of frosted glass. It might be worth it to revisit it to see if I like it better.

One of the things that was interesting to read in the Wikipedia article on it is that Phil Morris, who's done a ton of different things (he's played several roles in the Star Trek franchise, starting with the original series' "Miri" when he was a kid), ghost-VAed for Eddie Murphy at least several times, because Eddie didn't feel like doing every episode; apparently he'd record Thurgood's lines separately from the other cast members in case Eddie changed his mind.
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It's also on Hulu, at least as of this writing.

Even now, I'm a little surprised that Eddie Murphy's star shined bright enough to get three seasons of a Claymation show set in a housing project.

The show has a lot of heart, but it also has a lot of stereotypes and punching down, and I'm not at all surprised that Eddie had a ghost voice actor--last time I watched a few episodes, he seemed pretty checked-out.
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wasnt very good, but featured some of the most beautiful animation that ever made it to tv.
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