99% Invisible: 154- PDX Carpet
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Portlanders have a tradition when visiting their airport: taking a picture of their feet. It’s not to show off their shoes, but rather, what’s under them. They are documenting the famous PDX airport carpet.

The post on 99PI's site has pictures of the old and new carpet, some of the merchandise that it spawned, and the tattoo that one fan has of it.
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This made me sad! I have never been to Portland but we're going this summer and I'm going to hunt down the old carpet and take a #pdxcarpet pic.

I feel bad for the guy who started the business selling PDX carpet-related merch, looks like his run is ending.
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I own the same Danskos as Julie Sabatier, but did not really notice anything special about the carpet at PDX the one time I flew through there.

This episode and the related Rendered episode came up back to back on my playlist. Besides being so pleased to be rid of the aggressively bad Destination DIY theme song, it was interesting how the production was slightly different between the two, even though they were based on the same tape.
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I know it's cliche, but I can imagine "Save the PDX carpet!" being a Portlandia bit.

In all seriousness, that old carpet looks like it would show wear and dirt really easily. There's a reason the new carpet is darker.
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There is a certain level of ugliness that only ever seems to be met by carpet patterns in public buildings and bus seat fabrics.
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