The Mindy Project: Danny Castellano Is My Nutritionist
February 26, 2015 3:13 PM - Season 3, Episode 17 - Subscribe

Mindy and Danny pressure each other to be healthier in preparation for parenthood, the goal being for Mindy to eat less junk food and for Danny to quit smoking. The practice is busy and needs to hire an additional doctor, so they focus on impressing Dr. Phillips (Vanessa L. Williams), a glamorous former professor of Mindy's who is bored with retirement, initially dismissing Adrian Bergdahl (Dan Bakkedahl) and other old, frumpy white dudes.
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I'm glad that they balanced "Mindy is so dumb she doesn't see how her eating habits are bad" with "Danny is so dumb he doesn't see how smoking is bad."

On the other hand, I kinda wish they hadn't sort of "fallen back" to the white dude because the woman of color was sort of high-maintenance, but as long as I get to see Morgan bouncing off Bergdahl like a puppy and Bergdahl just standing there like a shlub, I'll be happy.
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