The Blacklist: The Deer Hunter (No. 93)
February 27, 2015 10:45 AM - Season 2, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Agent Keen investigates a cannibalistic serial killer, but encounters heat from the detective investigating the murder of the DC harbormaster. Red follows up with Fitch's contact from the safe.
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I love watching Amanda Plummer chew scenery anytime.
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Good soundtrack in this episode. I liked the use of Happy Together.

I think Aram has become the protagonist of this show. Everyone relies on him, Keen gives him the Fulcrum to check out, Reddington has him researching various things of import, now he's got a reciprocated romantic interest in Samar, he always seems to come up with the final piece of information that leads to the killer (the other characters just get to make the final incredibly obvious deduction). I want an episode that follows him as he leaves work one day to return to his exceedingly normal life. Gets home, feeds the cat, cooks up some ramen for dinner, plays a little Xbox, journals "Dear Diary, I think she likes me back!", puts on some Spiderman pjs while getting ready for bed, and then Reddington waltzes in with a usb drive containing the location of a suitcase nuke needing immediate deactivation and a story about gun running in the Congo and it's back to work mode.
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Actually, Aram writes "Dear Future Aram" instead of "Dear Diary."
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