Arrested Development: Top Banana   Rewatch 
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Michael tries to gain control of the family business, George Michael tries to be Mr. Manager, Tobias tries to get a part in a commercial, and GOB tries to dramatically hurl a letter in to the sea.

I'll get us started on some of the foreshadowing to watch for:

Tobias as a never-nude
That's why you always leave a note
No touching!
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I was gasping for air and almost crying I was laughing so hard during this episode. This might be the best episode of the entire series. The timing from the actors is just incredible. The on-screen chemistry between Michael and George Michael in the Mr. Manager scene is gold. "It's just manager" "But you just said" "Doesn't matter who"
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So, this is the show. If there was anything slightly less than fully formed in the pilot, it ain't here. Not a comedy of errors, but of failures. Michael fails to understand his father's hints about the banana stand, George Michael and Maeby the economics thereof. Less consequentially G.O.B fails to understand a pet store's return policy, likewise Tobias the meaning of FIRE sale. Amaaaz---this isn't a fever!---ing graaace. I watched that scene over and over til I was red in the face.

Great visual gag at the end with G.O.B. backing away on the Segway. Everything Tobias does in this episode though, brilliant. The reading of "hide ... of an elephant." The Steve Martin impression: "Excuuuuuuse me! excuse me." I don't know why I latch on to the stupidest lines in this show to repeat for no reason, but "You just embarrassed yourself in front of T-Bone" is one of those lines.

"We're like the Lunts!"
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It's nuts, when you're rewatching, when you realize just how many of the most memorable parts of the entire series are in the second episode.
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I love this episode. In addition to the things mentioned above I forever love GOB (not) throwing the letter into the ocean and for some reason I always crack up at
- You're doing time.
- I'm doing the time of my life!

Something I hadn't noticed before is that Buster is never shown in this episode. I guess it's true that you can always tell a Milford man. And I think this is the first time we see GOBs least reliable trick (even without lighter fluid).

I didn't really get why Michael wanted those flight records so much. Turns out there's a deleted scene (after it other deleted scenes from season 1) where Michael talks to Lindsay. In it he explains he wants the flight records because if the jet was only ever used for business they could get a tax refund.
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when you realize just how many of the most memorable parts of the entire series are in the second episode.

I mostly watch AD on random as sort of the TV equivalent of comfort food, so even though I've seen every episode innumerable times, I never would've guessed some of these scenes came so early. Throughout the episode I kept saying "Oh, wait, no this is my favourite part!!" (Tobias' audition though truly is my favourite part.) I wonder if that same feeling won't be repeated with the episodes themselves. It's already so good, and yet, inexplicably, it gets even better.

I am not the most cheerful person in the world, but I can't even think of some of these lines without cracking a smile. I am having a love affair with this ice cream sandwich show!
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-Um... would you like to try that a little simpler... maybe?
I think I made the fire too real for them, and probably failed to highlight the sale

I just love this show!
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"You're staying on top of her, buddy. Do not be afraid to ride her. HARD."

Luz putting that rack of furs onto the bus.

The late, great Patrice O'Neal as T-Bone.

"Did you enjoy your meal, Mom? You drank it fast enough."
"Not as much as you enjoyed yours! You want your belt to buckle, not your chair."

The bananas Foster as the inspiration to George Michael to burn down the banana stand. (Perhaps even an oblique foreshadowing of a smoldering Big Yellow Joint?)
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The late, great Patrice O'Neal as T-Bone.

Obit thread.
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A lot has been said already so I'll just mention the great visual gag of Michael walking in to see Tobias and Lindsey lounging on the couch, and noticing as the scene progresses that Job and Maeby are also lounging.
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Oh yeah. "Is there a carbon monoxide leak in here?" This is an oft-repeated line in my house, aimed at the cats.
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"They're grown-ups; they're allowed to have fun whenever they want! We're kids; we're supposed to be working!"
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Wow, I'm also pretty shocked that this is just the second episode. Kind of amazing how quickly they were able to establish these characters.
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The repeated "There's always money in the banana stand."

is tied with

"You burn down the storage unit?"
"Oh, most definitely."
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