Treme: Meet De Boys on the Battlefront
March 2, 2015 8:17 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Albert takes the law into his own hands; LaDonna gets news about her missing brother.
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People from Wisconsin don't talk like that (we totally act like that though).
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I loved the "church kids experience the real New Or-leans" plot, although I find it highly improbable that a) they would have been staying at a hotel on Bourbon St, and b) they would be allowed to leave said hotel unsupervised.

For a while there I thought they were setting up Clarke Peters as the moral compass of the show, much as he was on The Wire, but that ended pretty quickly.
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This episode seems to be all about The Job. Not just how you earn your living and pay your bills but who you are. Davis loses two jobs, Creighton thinks about chucking his and going back to work on his novel. Antoine needs to "get a job job", not just a gig. LaDonna needs to get Riley to finish his job on her roof. Janette the master chef burns her breakfast. Delmond has been tasked with getting Albert home for the holidays, but he's got gigs and sessions too. Albert goes back to work and gets his tools lifted. Water, power, infrastructure in general isn't working.

"Toussaint? You deigning to play local?" "Yeah, I'm deigning."

"Kermit's barbecue tastes right, but not that right."

Coco Robichaux walks with the spirit. RIP
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I bring news of the death of Harold Battiste. He lived a long & music-filled life; helped keep jazz alive; crafted "Doctor John"'s mystique, and was clearly one model for Wendell Pierce's sax-playing Antoine Batiste. The real Battiste was a public-school music teacher in addition to gigging in N.O. and Hollywood, and teaching the younger Marsalises how to play.
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