Bob's Burgers: The Gayle Tales
March 3, 2015 11:10 AM - Season 5, Episode 13 - Subscribe

After Linda has grounded them, the Belcher kids compete to win over Aunt Gayle, who promises to take one of them to a theater performance.

Business Next Door: A Ton in the Oven - Big and Tall Baby Clothes
Exterminator: Ants NOT in Your Pants Pest Control
Burger of the Day: Curd-fect Strangers Burger - Comes with cheese curds
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"Louise... you haven't watched Game of Thrones, right?"
"No. Game of what? I don't know what you're talking about."
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I am usually not someone who laughs fully out loud at comedies (to be fair, I do more often when I'm watching with someone). I don't understand people who talk about how much dialogue they missed because they were laughing so loudly.

But, for some reason, Gene's "MY PETTICOATS ARE UNSPEAKABLE!!" produced that reaction from me, and I have no idea why.
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I do still love this show, but am I the only one getting the feeling that at some point last year the writers realized, "Hey! Nerds love us!" and included a lot more pandering to we nerds this season?
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I feel like it's less "Let's pander to nerds!" and more "We're pretty safe from cancellation/network suits interfering, so now we can leave in the 'Only nerds will really get this!' jokes."
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Yeah, nerd pandering is when Big Bang Theory has the guys ogling Summer Glau in a thankless guest spot, or when Family Guy does a cutaway gag with Optimus Prime dressed as an orthodox rabbi. Actually writing to a nerd audience in a more thoughtful way (which I think Bob's Burgers does in yeomanly fashion) is something else entirely.
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Most of the people I know watch Game of Thrones, and I would call a small percentage nerds. It's a pretty major cultural touchstone that doesn't have much to do with social ineptness or fringe interest.
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Optimus Prime dressed as an orthodox rabbi

I'll save you all the trouble. This does not come up on Google as an actual Family Guy gag. (This actually surprised me.)
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Never mind
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He makes an appearance in the episode "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" at a Jewish Temple and is revealed to be a Jewish.
"a Jewish."

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It's true, it's a real Family Guy gag. It's also the last one I could remember from the last episode I watched ~10 years ago. It was essentially where I realized that the show was nothing more than a randomly sorted card-catalog of tossed-off 1980s pop culture references and 1950s sexist/ethnic humor.
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This was one of my favorite episodes they've done this season. I enjoyed Louise's version of Game Of Thrones more than anything GRRM's written in ages.
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I'd comment about how much I loved this episode, but I'm too shy.
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Didn't notice until the second watch that while Louise and Gail went to Litterboxia, the castles got bigger, GOT titles style.
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