Should we /can we combine the Better Call Saul podcast w/the FF post?
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Another oddly-specific BCS question: I'm one of the people who have been referring to the podcast in the regular show threads, but I've been doing so sparingly because it feels kinds of weird to talk about it too much. On the other hand, having a podcast-only discussion seems even weirder. Thoughts?

I'm proposing that we (unofficially?) allow for full and free discussion of both, episode by episode, with the understanding that any future developments discussed on the podcast would be verboten as per the standard spoiler policy.*

*On E2 of the podcast VG mentioned something about future episodes that I think they tried to walk back in a following episode, so I don't think they intend the podcasts to really have spoliers.
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The podcast discusses current and past episodes and never has spoilers for unaired episodes. The BCS podcast is basically just trivia and discussion, the same as any review on the AV Club or anywhere else, which is stuff that is often discussed in the threads. Why shouldn't we discuss it in the BCS show threads?

It's not like the BCS podcast needs its own threads. We're not discussing Serial or Comedy Bang Bang. It's a podcast that discusses the show and of course is fair game for the BCS threads.
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I agree that they're okay to discuss. I want to discuss them more! I'm asking if people think that specific discussions about something on the podcast, eg the casting process, or something about the actual podcast, that wouldn't normally come up during the discussion of the show, would be considered too derail-y. That's the kind of thing I've avoided bringing up without some kind of segue. This hasn't come up for other shows I follow so that's why I asked.

I don't want to get bogged down in whether what was said was a spoiler so let's pretend I didn't mention it :)
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Yeah, in the show threads seems best to me; little point in fragmenting discussion across two very-closely-related posts. The podcast adds background info and trivia that's relevant to discussion of the show. Doesn't seem deraily to me.

I don't remember the thing you mentioned. But yes, the Insider podcasts are explicitly stated as non-spoilery, so unless they slip up there shouldn't be any spoiler issues arising from bringing podcast discussion into the show thread. (I do sometimes notice Gilligan deliberately catching himself before he meanders into potentially-spoilery waters; I think he, and the show staff in general, are hyper-aware about keeping spoilers secret.)
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I am not listening to the podcast and I really appreciate the podcast info showing up in the threads! I think it makes the discussion richer and more interesting.
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Yeah, it's all spoiler-free, so I'd say it's 100% fair game. Even if it's not spoiler-free, you could always just use your powers and not put the spoilers in the thread.

I like seeing stuff about the podcast in the show threads, because as much as I love how informative the podcast is, the noise:signal ratio of it is too out of whack for me. I can't listen to much of it without going all HULK SMASH.

[curmudgeonly screed]

The host? Ugh. You'd think an editor of all people would understand the importance of avoiding crosstalk, but she just never shuts up. Interrupts everything, often permanently shutting down something really interesting just because it's not what she wants to talk about right then. And the worst part is that she has absolutely no reason to be in the booth in the first place; her whole job in there could be done by a list of bullet points on an index card.

And then there's everyone else, with their constant showbiz asskissery. It's nice that they're appreciative and grateful and all, but in pretty short order it starts to sound awfully phony — not to mention self-congratulatory. (Yes, Vince. Everyone who works on the show is wonderful. Gee, whoever the showrunner is who hired them all must be amazing!)

[/curmudgeonly screed]

Your superhuman tolerance of such annoyances is much appreciated! Please do bring the good stuff to the show threads!
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The Breaking Bad Insider podcast was always so too. Kelley Dixon has gotten a bit better at allowing people to talk uninterrupted when they have something interesting to say, but there is still often a lot of "moving on" railroading to keep them running to time. (Also, it's often painfully obvious that podcast episodes are recorded back-to-back.)

(I suspect Gilligan's Southern-gentleman schtick rather amplifies the showbiz backslapping.)
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I'm pretty sure they've mentioned recording a few sessions at once. It must be a nightmare trying to coordinate all those schedules.

In Kelley Dixson's defense, I think sometimes they forget they're recording a podcast! The length of the three most recent podcasts are all over the place, and they're all over an hour.

I do think she's as Loud Talker, especially compared to VG. Maybe I just notice because I listen on my phone with ear buds, but I wish they'd even it out a little.
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Aaand speaking of loud talkers, we just passed Jerry Seinfeld walking down the street.
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I am all in favor of allowing discussion of the podcast in the show threads.
I always watch the show but occasionally listen to the podcast. However, those who do the yeoman's work of listening and bringing the relevant information to the thread are all my personal heroes.
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