Fresh Off the Boat: Persistent Romeo
March 3, 2015 3:06 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Jessica gets hooked on the "fright of the night" stories in the nightly news, and gets Louis to put on a sexual harassment course to protect the restaurant from lawsuits. Enter Dusty Nugget (Brett Gelman), a reformed sexual harasser himself (“They Hannibal Lecter’d me! Don’t be alarmed, I got booked on showing, not touching.”) and his collection of sexual harassment prevention tools, including video cassettes. It's those VHS that save Eddie, who secures his home as the sleep-over destination because he has a dirty movie, but doesn't initially have such a video. But it doesn't stop there ....
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The jokes are actually pretty funny. Hoping there's more non-culturally specific gags.

Louis mentioning "spring break" during the cool-dad birds and the bees talk; that suggests he went to college/undergrad in the US, and presumably slept around?
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From how I understood it - he didn't but heard about it and wished he had.
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I border on being annoyed by Eddie's romeo arc, but the actor redeems it. He's so utterly confident in this. At school, Eddie suffers from insecurities about his race, income, etc., but somehow he has no anxiety about hitting on someone his mom's age.
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