An offer we can't refuse. (But apparently we have.)
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No Godfather posts? Or is there nothing new to say about it?

I think we could go on and on about The Godfather but maybe not? Are we too familiar with it to discuss it? Would it work with a "Coppola Club" with other films by the fellow?
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Oh do it do it do it.

(I haven't seen them in so long that it'd be almost a first watch again for me.)
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Go for it, I think this would be fun.
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome at 7:11 AM on March 4, 2015

I can barely watch the first one, I've seen it so many times.

I'll probably watch it again.

Here's a question: how many people have actually read the book? I picked up a supremely ragged paperback copy several months ago, but haven't gotten around to reading it. Anyone want to read it in tandem with this effort?
posted by St. Hubbins at 1:59 PM on March 4, 2015

Ooooo -- I think we have the book somewhere. But my understanding is that the book has elements that were used in Godfather Part II, so may be that would be difficult in case anyone hasn't seen either?

A few years ago one of the pay cable stations played "The Godfather Saga" which I think was originally put together by Coppola for some NBC event? It was very interesting as it featured scenes and sequences that were left out of the original releases of the film (for example, we met Hyman Roth as a boy). I don't think that version is available anywhere.
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It's up!
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I read the book multiple times a few years back and yeah, from memory it's pretty much Part One and Two in one book. Lots about young Vito's rise. It's a pretty good read though and the movies are fairly faithful from what I remember.
posted by tracicle at 7:44 AM on March 6, 2015

Would anyone be up for something like "Mafia Mondays" feature a new mafia-themed film each week?
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