Mad Men: The Runaways   Rewatch 
March 8, 2015 8:29 AM - Season 7, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Don has a visitor from his past. Stan embarrasses a superior. Peggy helps Ginsberg with a problem. Harry finds that he has a new ally at the agency.
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Peggy helps Ginsberg with a problem = understatement of the year.
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He just needed to get something off his chest.
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Yeah. Ginsberg's breakdown was more comical to me than sad. If that was the writers' intention, I'm a little surprised they treated his psychotic break in that manner.

Ginsberg's belief that the computer was turning him gay reminded me of Dr. Strangelove's General Jack D. Ripper who believed communists (Soviets) were using the fluoride in the water supply to deprive Americans of their "precious bodily fluids."
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With Ginsberg, I wonder if he was supposed to be a gay who did everything he could to suppress the feelings he had.
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That could be the case. It crossed my mind when the episode first aired. But I don't think the show will ever tell us and we, the viewers, don't have enough info about Ginsberg to make that sort of determination. So it's just conjecture on the viewers' part.
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Don's pitch to Philip Morris is short and sweet: Head, or sword.

Megan shuffling Stephanie off (though good to see Caity Lotz again). Guess that threesome didn't get Megan what she wanted. Maybe she should be less threatened by things that aren't actually threats (Stephanie) and be more threatened by Don's increasing interest in being a part of SC&P
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"Scout" is a damn monkey and no one else is. The rest of the froods in the comic are humans.

More monolith and Planet of the Apes "Damn you dirty ape" or commentary on all the black men in the military?
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More monolith and Planet of the Apes "Damn you dirty ape" or commentary on all the black men in the military?
I think there are "2001" references going on too. I assumed that was being referred to in the title "Monolith" as well as in the scene where Ginsberg found himself in the HAL-like experience of lip reading a conversation through thick glass.

I have ongoing low-level concerns about the cost of New York to LA flights at the time - as well as the use of seatbelts - actually fitted to cars in some cases but never used.
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I love Lou's insistence that Stan & the Gang's snickering about "Scout's Honor" is because they're longhairs.

I'm confused somewhat by Megan's shuffling off of Stephanie, who couldn't have been less of a threat to her, except that maybe Stephanie was a true bohemian where Megan feels herself a poseur, and Megan didn't want to see Don around someone (other than Sally) whom he truly cared about, in a way that he doesn't care about Megan anymore?

Ginsberg's exit made perfect character sense to me, though. I don't think he's gay, but I do think he's at the bottom of the social pecking order and looking for the group lower than he is to punch down at. It's funny to me that Harry can be in California all episode but the talk between Lou and Cutler happens in his captured territory in the SD&P office. Of course he knows what's up.
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