Gravity Falls: Not What He Seems
March 10, 2015 6:34 AM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Gruncle Stan is arrested by the Feds, and Dipper and Mabel discover that EVERYTHING THEY THOUGHT THEY KNEW ABOUT HIM HAS BEEN A LIE. Meanwhile, the DOOMSDAY CLOCK revealed at the end of "Northwest Mansion Mystery" counts down to ZERO.

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I loved this episode.

My favorite government agents are back, and wreaking havoc. Dipper and Mabel make shocking discoveries, and Grunkel Stan(?) has a family reunion. What more could you need?

I also loved Stan constantly saying (to paraphrase) "This time I actually didn't do it!" and it turns out that he did. Oh Stan.
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Mabel's "I am a god of destruction!" at the beginning (with the fireworks) may be one of my favorite Mabel moments ever. And that's saying a lot.
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This is only halfway through the season. I'm amazed at how much is being clearly stated. Every time there was a big reveal I thought that was the end of the episode but there was MORE! This just means there's a whole back half of a season of even more things to come to light or get more complicated. As soon as I was aware of the 2 Stans theory I thought it made the most sense so I felt pretty vindicated, but even after that reveal it's like, what now?!

I hope in subsequent episodes we see Wendy running around town being competent and saving people from chaos. She's one of my favorites and her little cameo was great but I really want her to play a significant role.
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Interview with Alex Hirsch: "I’m talking PowerPoint presentations, flow charts, timelines—this is probably the first time a Disney TV show has been analyzed like the Zapruder film."
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I was kind of starting to loathe everyone in Gravity Falls, but this episode has me back, thank goodness. I loved GF so much, but I feel like we had a lot of sort of lame episodes in a row there, I'm very glad to get back to this sort of overaching story.
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