Nathan for You: Mechanic / Realtor
July 3, 2014 9:03 AM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Nathan explores exciting new opportunities for an auto mechanic and a realtor.
posted by bjrn (3 comments total)
There have been posts about Nathan on the blue: 1 2 3 4. I figured people might be watching.

I thought there were some funny bits in the first season, but also things crossing the line over into just him being a jerk. In this episode I liked his back and forth with the polygraph operator, I think in part because there the operator really is the high status one, the expert, and so it's a matter of messing with someone above Nathan. No surprise, kicking up is funnier than kicking down.
posted by bjrn at 1:35 PM on July 3, 2014

I rarely linger on the show's jerkiness towards people, though I know its there (e.g. videotaping people on the toilet without their consent). I usually think of Nathan's humor as targeting the heartless businessman/arrogant reality TV star/delusional nice guy character he plays.

"One more question...would you ever want to hang out sometime socially, with me, outside of this?"


posted by Hume at 1:40 AM on July 4, 2014

Nathan's a dick, and I don't really want to like his show, but I can't help it. The whole pornography derail with the lie detector guy was brilliant, and I lost my shit when the estate agent started describing the incubus in really graphic detail.
posted by Ned G at 3:50 PM on July 4, 2014

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