Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
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One thing I haven't been able to find in any discussion of "OUATIA" is a mention of the garbage truck's paint job*. I think it is painted deliberately to evoke memories of the nazis. The three colors used are black, red and white... the colors of the nazi flag. The font of the number 35 is similar to the SS logo, and some German tanks used red numbering with white outlines. It also would tie into the conversation Noodles has with the taxi driver in the restored scenes.

The only con I can find to this idea is that the truck has a seemingly Irish name on the side.

*The picture link is from this good OUATIA review
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It's a movie that made quite an impression when I was 16. The apotheosis where Max disappears in a garbage dump truck still makes me shiver.

And then there's the visit to the tomb.
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Oh, I remember this movie. There's a gang rape that the victim enjoys (because Sergio Leone has nothing but contempt for women), and it's not even clear why it's in the movie as it serves absolutely zero dramatic or plot function. But there are lots of pretty sweeping camera shots of New York and it was directed by an Indispensable Male Genius so this movie is of course Very Deep and Important.
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