Archer: Drastic Voyage: Part 1
March 27, 2015 8:05 AM - Season 6, Episode 12 - Subscribe

In this first part of the two-part season finale, the CIA sends everyone on a last-chance mission, in an homage to The Fantastic Voyage.
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Gary Cole is awesome at everything.

Also, my buddy who got his MD from one of those not-so-prestigious Caribbean med schools just had his nickname changed from Dr. Nick Riviera to Dr. Krieger.
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Best episode of the season, I think.
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It was a pretty hilarious episode, though I kind of thought Archer was being maybe a bit too childish. Like playing Operation at the briefing? Yeah, it's funny, but..I dunno. Kind of contrived. I mean...where'd it come from? The show doesn't normally just have a prop magically appear for a gag.

Kreiger was a little odd, too. I thought the stuff about phrenology was too "old tymey" for him. I would have expected more of his "mad scientist" take on things, rather than the "19th century quack" act.

Cheryl's explanation of what she'd do with her million was probably the best bit in the show. That, and, Cyril's little monologue with Ray. The show does dark humor better than anyone, and those two bits were pure gold.

Can't wait for next week's finale.
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but..I dunno. Kind of contrived. I mean...

Absolutely. Though Archer would probably be an incredibly fun dad. He had fun pointing out that Slater always wears the same grubby shirt, though.

Lana as the concerned parent, played straight... it's actually kind of funny that it emphasizes that she's the only sane-ish person in the entire group.

Krieger's schtick was a little oddball to me, too. If he had added an "... and I would know" after his phrenology exam, sure, but spouting off about humours and ear candling was uncharacteristic.

He did point out that if he was a clone of Hitler, then why doesn't he look like Hitler? However, it's almost incontrovertible that he is part of at least four clones (or they could have been a natural quadruplet).

Now I'm confused again. Current Krieger has the Krieger Vans, Krieger girlfriend, bionic hand transplantation skills... but he went to medical school in the Caribbeans? No way. Original Krieger was established as not being a medical doctor, and no, not even that other kind of doctor. His first name is Doctor (although the Greys stated that his first name is Algernon - it could be a really deeply hidden joke that HR (Pam) thought that the Doctor honorific, whether earned or not, was his first name).

Hehe, Ray shout out to Star Wars putting on a black glove over his black skinned bionic hand and lamenting about his bionic legs in an Innerspace themed episode.
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More Fantastic Voyage themed than Inner space.
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Wow, this episode kind of sucked; not only did they make Archer arbitrarily stupid as they occasionally do as in late-era Simpsons with Homer, they made Krieger really dumb too. I mean, didn't he just do real actual surgery? Haven't we seen him do surgery multiple times?
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Yeah I wasn't a huge fan of this episode. Cheryl's explanation was pretty much one of the only redeeming moments, and I'm a sucker for rich Cheryl says something vaguely plausible yet insane gags. I didn't realize this was a two-parter before watching, which is why I kept looking at the clock wondering how there could only be three minutes left and they still hadn't gotten inside the dang body yet. The whole episode felt like too much exposition to me, but maybe that means they can knock it out of the park next week.

Also, all I could think of with this plot was The Magic School Bus. Yes, I know the trope namer is Fantastic Voyage, but I was looking for Ms. Frizzle.
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Yeah, good jokes, shitty plotting. When your premise is as contrived as this (sending literally everyone but the doctor on the surgical mission?), there better be a hell of a payoff. Part II has a long row to hoe.
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Considering all of the Krieger stuff they did outside of the show and his confusing behavior this season, I think he is up to something. I'll be disappointed if he doesn't pull some crazy stunt in the next episode.

Also during his little rant he didn't say he went to school in the Caribbeans, he said something like "and maybe I didn't go to some other med school down in Grenada even though it was my fallback..." so I think he was still saying he didn't go to med school at all.
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My theory is that all of the clone Kriegers are still around and we see a different one depending on the episode.
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He's probably switched bodies with Woodhouse, à la Freaky Friday. It just makes sense.
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Pretty sure Krieger's monologue made it clear he never went to any med school, not even the one in Granada(?).
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"Like playing Operation at the briefing? Yeah, it's funny, but..I dunno. Kind of contrived. I mean...where'd it come from?"

Archer probably procured it just to pull Slater's chain.
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