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In the blue universe, Fauxlivia does some homework with Newton to make her impersonation more plausible—nothing gives away the fact you're from an alternate universe like saying "Bone-o". Her studies are interrupted by a case, which turns out to be the same as the first job she's given Newton: retrieving a box. This must be a rather special box, because the men who were sent to retrieve it both died—yet the box has disappeared. Meanwhile, William Bell's last will and testament is read and turns out to contain a few surprises as well.

Fauxlivia is also cementing her relationship with Peter, though there are several close calls. Good thing kissing is so distracting. Not to mention saving his life. She also throws her weight around with Newton, her rudeness an interesting contrast to his extreme politeness.

Walter's preoccupation with Bell's final message and the need to justify himself to Peter also run counterpoint through this episode, as well as some delightful Walter food moments including taste-testing his tie, chocolate milk straight from the cow and bacon pudding.
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Always a bad move to open the box you've been paid to steal.

Just noticed that Walter takes the skillet off the bunsen burner/rack to go talk to Broyles and Peter but once he's over talking to them the skillet is in the background on the bunsen burner.

HOLY CRAP, FAUXLIVIA'S HAIR ANNUAL ME IN THIS EP. Wardrobe got this right - it's slightly too blonde/too brassy/too fringey/too weirdly layered.

Walter cracks wise about Aspirin working at a deli while she's slicing up brainbits. Then almost makes me puke by eating jam off his tie.

Wardrobe decided to dress the Massive Dynamic receptionists like the women from the Addicted to Love video by Robert Palmer.

William Bell's will: "Nina, I was your right hand and you were mine..." That is funny on multiple levels.

Always inconvenient when you shoot someone in your kitchen and someone knocks on the door while you're dragging the body around the place. Use your knees Fauxlivia, you're gonna throw your back/neck/shoulders out. Pool of blood coming forth from uner the bathroom door...make out with Peter! Why you'd need an excuse to do so is beyond me.

Newton is quite good at picking people who are annoyingly inquisitive. Someone could drop that box on my foot and I wouldn't ask wtf it was. Meanwhile this guy is all up in Newton's shit about the box and babysitting money for watching the box.

Why is this show so damn gooey...there are always bodily fluids and squishy sound effects.

Hilarious Walter/Peter banter while approaching the scene. "I used to get off right here..." "Sure hope you're talking about the station."

Bacon pudding. Gross.

Magic typewriter communiques.
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Tablet issues: Fauxlivia's hair ANNOYS me.
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"You were the cautious one?"
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Peter has "other plans for tonight." OTHER PLANS? Doesn't like cleaning bathrooms?
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doesn't he like cleaning bathrooms. Dammit.
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Can't believe how well Anna Torv plays Olivia, Fauxlivia, Olivia being brainwashed into thinking she's Fauxlivia, and Fauxlivia pretending to be Olivia. Every performance different and perfect.
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