Steven Universe: Say Uncle
April 2, 2015 4:44 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Uncle Grandpa comes to Beach City to help Steven master his shield.
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I don't mean to be That Guy, but this is episode 4 of season 2. Episode 1 was "Full Disclosure."

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Yeah. What is pretty much all I have too. Just--what.

I think my favorite moment in this acid trip was when Pizza Steve dressed up as Steven and Pearl's response was "THAT'S NOT MY BABY!!!!" Awww, Pearl.
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Pearl was by far the star of this episode. All of those faces.
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Here's my list of cents:

- Uncle Grandpa's list of people to visit includes classic Cartoon Network show characters but also inexplicably the Swat Kats, who are totally rad but owned by Hanna Barbera.
- Garnet is in her pre-Jailbreak form, so this takes place prior to the arrival of our new Gem overlords.
- Uncle Grandpa says "None of this is canon, except for this" and produces a cannon that fires a shot (which spells April Fools) directly into Sadie and Lars' Ship, sinking it. Much Subtext.
- Pearl in particular seems amped up to 11. Probably because the fandom seems to enjoy Pearl freaking out. This whole episode is a bit of a "We love you and WE ARE ALWAYS WATCHING."
- Uncle Grandpa knocks on Steven's gem and it KNOCKS BACK. This is during a sequence of heavy visual gags, but it still gives me pause.
- this episode also establishes that Steven's bubble is a power entirely independent of his shield, which some people have conflated.
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Just consider my labeling "broadcast order" instead of "production order."

I thought this was incredibly funny, the most fun to come out of either Steven Universe or Uncle Grandpa.The contrast between the super-silly and cartoony UG part and the increasingly SRS BSNS SU part was great, and as a fan of both shows, all the bellyaching by people who can't take a joke made it that much sweeter.

-SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron is a Turner property, they've owned Hanna-Barbera since 1991. SWAT Kats premiered in 1993.
-The episode does indeed take place before "The Return"
-Mr. Gus has had a personal tumblr for literally a month now and managed to successfully interact with the SU fandom as a rp blog for another show.
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Wow that was quite the trip. I was really unsure going in, but as soon as UG said "None of this is canon" I knew it was gonna be a fun episode.
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(I fixed the episode labeling, because I was here anyway.) That was a bit of a disappointment for me - I don't particularly care for that brand of absurdist humor, and there were only a couple of good SU-character lines. Not what I was hoping for.
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This episode was confirmation that I made the right choice not to bring Uncle Grandpa into my life when that show was new.

Parts of it were cute. I liked Steven's adorably childish thought process that all people who live in vans are former rockstars. And I loved that the lizard guy made a gemsona with a frying pan because, nerd alert, I've been trying to figure out the weapon for my gemsona for a while and this is giving me ideas. I also liked the return of the beedrills.

Mostly it was boring because, having only seen one and a half episodes of Uncle Grandpa long ago when the world was new and I was, iirc, kinda feverishly sick at the time, I didn't get any of the jokes specific to that show that I'm sure were there. I liked the sometimes OOC Gems, but I can't help feeling like it would have been less gimmicky and more silly adventurey to have the mundanes involved instead, like Connie and maybe Sadie.

You could tell that the people who made this episode were having fun. I'm glad that they did have fun, and because of that it wasn't a waste of fifteen minutes of my life, but it felt much more like a different show stylistically than Steven Universe with some wackier hijinks. So ultimately it was kind of ugly and boring because it lacked the gorgeous backgrounds and music I've come to enjoy regardless of the seriousness or silliness of any given SU episode. And the heavy handed Lesson-But-We're-Joking-Actually-We're-Not thing at the end made me wonder if the people writing that part had ever actually watched Steven Universe.
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Well I liked it a great deal. But then I quite like Uncle Grandpa, and miss the days when absurd cartoons weren't the sole domain of Adult Swim (where that shtick had gotten SO OLD.)
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So is that FPP being made or not? I've just bingewatched on this show and now am to the point where the Full Disclosure song is actually my ringtone.
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divabat, it is. This week though I've been stuck away from internet a lot, and I've got other things on my plate too, but it's coming eventually. I've got a pile of links for it, and am looking for more.
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The sinking of the Sadie/Lars ship is so good. I also like when Amethyst says "I'm sorry about Pearl" at the end when the gems are apologizing.
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The best part was Garnet: "I'm ready for this episode to end. "
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This episode was the dumbest, but I did like the photographic tiger
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Because it hasn't been mentioned-- "eyes unclouded by hate" is a reference to Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke.
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Not going to lie, I hated the Uncle Grandpa character and thought the episode was pretty terrible. If that had been the first or second episode of the show I'd seen, I would never watch it again and assume its fans are insane.
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