Supernatural: Paint it Black
April 3, 2015 1:43 AM - Season 10, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Rowena is stirring up trouble in Hell, so Crowley brings her an unexpected gift to appease her. The Winchesters pursue a case in which church members are dying suspiciously. Dean meets a "hot" nun.
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The episode tried to do too much and ended up disappointing. Hope to learn more about Olivette and Rowena's history down the road.
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Sums up my thoughts. I wonder if it wasn't partly inspired by the movie, The Red Violin.

I give them credit for going back to a good ol' fashion ghost hunt, but it was a generally average episode.
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The amount of make-up on those nuns.... oy.
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I'm really sick of Rowena and her accent. When can she just die already?
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I also really liked that they were just ghost-hunting. The big Heaven War deal has been mostly backburnered so far and I'm glad, because that is the most boring, silly part of this show. And this show has had Sam Winchester starring in a commercial for herpes meds.
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Every bit of the Rowena subplot was boring, but what else is new?

I liked the ghost plot just fine though. Just a regular old Monster of the Week setup, mostly. Felt like old times.

Standalone episodes are the only episodes I really enjoy these days.
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Father Delaney: Learning there's more to the universe than your tiny world can be a frightening discovery. Do you truly believe in God, agent? Because that can be a comfort.
Dean: I believe there is a God. But I am not sure he still believes in us.

Dean: Tell me you didn’t think that nun was hot. I think she had a little thing for me too.
Sam: Dean, she was married to Jesus.


The sign outside the church reads, "He ain't heavy, he's my brother. -- The Hollies (And Jesus)" This is a biblical reference first and foremost. Secondly, it's the name of a song, popularized by The Hollies in 1969. As used by the show, it's also probably a reference to Sam and Dean's relationship, since one is always having to carry the other through a difficult time.

This week's FBI cover names of Allman and Betts refer to the Allman Brothers Band -- Gregg or Duane Allman, and Dickey Betts.

"Paint It Black" is a song by The Rolling Stones.

The church in the opening scene is St. Andrew's Wesley United Church in Vancouver, Canada. It was used as a filming location once before, in "House of the Holy" (ep. 2.13). Both the interior and exterior match.

The painter that Isabella talks about falling for (and killing) in 1520 may be Piero di Cosimo (1462-1522), an Italian Renaissance painter most well known for painting landscapes, religious subjects, and decorations for Carnival. However, di Cosimo died at 60 years old, and the painter in this episode is clearly in his mid-20s at his time of death.

When Sister Mathias attacks Dean you get a quick glimpse below her hood and can see that her hair is actually blonde.

Isabella cuts off part of her finger for Piero to grind and mix into his paints. However, when Sam burns the painting and forces her out of Sister Mathias' body, all her fingers are intact.
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A ghost nun who wreaks vengeance on men who betray the women in their lives isn't the most unsympathetic of supernatural beings.

Dean can't even resist getting the hots for a nun.
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