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April 5, 2015 2:05 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Jamie and the Highlanders rescue Claire from Black Jack Randall. Back at the castle, politics threaten to tear Clan MacKenzie apart and Jamie's scorned lover, Laoghaire, attempts to win him back.
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I was really thrown by the music in the "punishment" scene. I thought there was no way Jamie was going to actually "get justice" because the music was so happy and upbeat. Even when they were fighting, I thought Claire was going to end up beating Jamie so it was really shocking when he did actually to succeed.

I do hope the rest of the season isn't like this as I was pretty conflicted about this episode. Not the violence, but rather how stereotypically ripped bodice it was. I mean sure it's going to have some elements of that, but I did really enjoy the clan politics etc, which did have a part in this episode.
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Claire should have given Jamie a wee scar just on principle.
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It was kind of jarring when this episode had narration by Jamie instead of by Claire.
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Claire should have given Jamie a wee scar just on principle.

Jamie's got enough scars.
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They cut each other at the wedding.
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well, Claire did manage to scratch Jamie's face. But I have to say, this episode in the book was a LOT more brutal than what was depicted on the show. The makeup sex scene was also more extreme in the book so the show is down pedaling some of the more controversial scenes from the books. Maybe that's why I can't get too upset about the 'spanking' scene that others have found objectionable. I wish the show had given more time to the development of their relationship before throwing in all of the complications - but I guess TV can't move that slowly. In the book it's delicious!
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I really disliked it that Claire doubled down on her excuse ("I was going for a walk"). It's like she's learned nothing in the weeks? months? she's been there. Yes, it was the Stones, her purported goal, but she left without a second thought to Jamie or the potential danger.

After they risk their necks and endanger the Clan/British balance to rescue her (again), she lashes out. This isn't "feisty" or "courageous" or whatever flattering adjectives that are used to describe her personality, this was plain stupid and the fact that she couldn't admit it, that she was outraged that Jamie was yelling at *her*, pretty princess, makes her look idiotic. She's not supposed to be obtuse, and she's been there long enough, has been assaulted enough times, to know that a woman can't go off alone. And if you've done something stupid, apologize first.
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Well, that got all 50 Shades of Gray all of a sudden. I'm just going to state here for the record that I didn't like it, and defs didn't like the choice of music which seemed to wink at the viewer that it was all supposed to be comical. Even though I'm not averse to some well executed bodice ripping, that scene was just unpleasant.

The weirdness was compounded because after the violence, the plot ditched Claire like a pouting child, and we were treated to an episode of rugged Highlandmen growling dramatically at each other about clans, oaths and Scotland. Bah. Personally I wish the epicness were dialled down a bit and we'd get some more herbs and wool waulking again, and other neat details to add realism and ground the story in a time and a place, even if it slows the plot down. (But that's a minority opinion I'm sure.)

So this was the last Show Only episode? Aw.
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