Roderick on the Line: Ep. 149: "The Humility Opportunities"
April 7, 2015 2:28 PM - Subscribe

The Problem: John has a little bit of hair anxiety.

It's late; Happy Easter; Easter with the Roderick family - past and present; Oh, by the way, John's running for Seattle City Council.

The next 30 minutes of podcast focuses on John as a candidate, the election process, campaining, getting ideas out in a sane manner, Paradigm shifts, and hair cuts. Oh, and we get a mathowie shout-out!

We piviot to Merlin asking about 1) how does this change "stuff" in John's life, and 2) what will be the biggest challenge John faces as he runs his campaign; John talks about advice and insight different people gave him as he prepared to run, and the lifestyle changes he'll have to make to be successful (you know, like waking up before noon); John reflects on how people interact with him differently when he's a candidate; how "Public Service" can take many forms; fundraising; chumbawumba; the lady or the tiger;

Merlin gets to end the podcast with his thought technology on cooking Chicken, but doesn't want to sully the podcast with it at this time.

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John does have interesting ideas about government and I wish him luck. I really appreciated his explanation of the function of bureaucracy. Too bad that's just too square and uncool for all of us Bootstrapped American Cowboy Lone Rocketmen. Much like the repeated themes of civility, why suffering isn't punishment, why your comfort can't infringe on others' etc, these are really vital thought technologies that need to be disseminated far and wide. Isn't there a way we can meme this stuff and seed it across society?
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