Baby Geniuses: Solomon Georgio/Matt McCarthy
April 14, 2015 1:15 PM - Subscribe

Hello Babies! Thank you once again for joining us, we're so excited to see you! Join us as we discuss what kind of cult we'd like to be a part of, Lisa's appearance on NPR and the new show everyone is talking about "Neighbors"! Solomon Georgio talks with us about the Ganguro Girl fashion trend and 80's and 90's television. Do you all remember when they switched over the black and yellow Power Rangers? Expert Jacob Marley tells all about the Oscars and how to properly enjoy them. Grab a seat and stay awhile!

I'm not sure how many people know this podcast, but it's one of the newer additions to the Maximum Fun network and it's great! And the most recent two episodes have been very strong. The hosts are Lisa Hanawalt, character designer on Bojack Horseman and animal illustrator extraordinaire, and Emily Heller, standup comedian and TV writer and actress, late of the underrated Ground Floor. Every week, the hosts chat a bit at the top, ask each other questions, and then introduce the week's guest and go through a particularly interesting or notable Wikipedia page. Then they chat with the guest about a topic they're knowledgeable and or feel strongly about, and finally they bring on an actual expert for Expert Hour. (Not actually an hour, usually more like twenty minutes. Also... well, you'll just have to find out.)

Some previous highlight episodes (in addition to this one, which was great):

Sierra Teller Ornelas on Native American art, appropriation, working at the American Indian museum, etc.

Paul F Tompkins on fashion, anger, and death.

Guy Branum on just how much of a badass Ruth Bader Ginsburg is.
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