Election season film club?
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I was thinking, it could be fun to watch movies about the US presidency/election craziness as a tangential escape from the news media juggernaut that goes on. Maybe even look back in fondness at a simpler time, a time before 24 hour coverage of a Chipotle visit. Would anyone else enjoy this?

Potential watch list (please suggest more!)

All the President's Men
Wag the Dog
Manchurian Candidate
Game Change
Primary Colors

We're still really far away from November 8th, so we could take this really slowly and do one a month, or postpone it for a while until it makes more sense. Thoughts?

Mostly I'll just take any excuse to watch Wag the Dog.
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I love this idea.

Also want to suggest Bob Roberts.
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Great idea, with my 1-2 votes going with Wag the Dog and Bob Roberts to start. Those are all good suggestions, though.

(Nice to see you back, sweetkid.)
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I'd probably be in for Dave and Wag the Dog (haven't seen this one).
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Love it (and throwing in a vote for the best-titled political movie ever made - Dick).
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OK, so I'm thinking we pace this out really slowly, just like the real election season! We'll do 10 movies, one every other month until the election, starting with Wag the Dog because it's one of my all time favorite movies and it sounds like people want to watch it.

List (in no particular order):

All the President's Men
Wag the Dog
Manchurian Candidate (preference/thoughts on doing Sinatra vs Denzel?)
Game Change
Primary Colors
Bob Roberts
Dick (we'll watch this one after All the President's Men, do a nice little compare and contrast)

Still need two more, not that there's any rush.

I realized as I was making this list that I absolutely love this genre of movie. They hit that cynical patriot sweet spot in me.
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Add to that list The Candidate with Robert Redford.
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I don't know why I was thinking only of Presidential elections but we could add Bulworth. (Or even Election!) I think the original Manchurian Candidate would be a nice contrast to the more modern offerings.
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The Best Man should be on the list. It's an overlooked gem. Plus, Henry Fonda.
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What about Advise & Consent ?
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Since election day is the first Tuesday after the first Monday, movies will be posted on first Mondays every other month. Starting today with Wag the Dog. Post is coming (very) soon. I'll put up a little calendar later. Hooray!
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If documentaries are OK, I vote for The War Room. (no pun intended)

Others to consider: The American President, A Face in the Crowd
posted by SisterHavana at 7:08 PM on May 22, 2015

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