Utopia (2013): Utopia: Episode #1.5   Rewatch 
July 11, 2014 2:34 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

An episode of frantic action juxtaposed with fearful exposition. Conspiracies inside the conspiracies begin to appear as members of the group slowly reveal they have their own motives and everyone learns the truth behind what Corvadt and the Network are trying to do.

Jessica acknowledges her connection to Arby after she finds out they were raised in the same way, and uses the knowledge to get the manuscript from him. She leaves him in the hulk of a burning, derelict factory building. Becky, who we now know is slowly dying from Deal's syndrome, meets with Donaldson, the same self-interested scientist who Dugdale has been dealing with. He offers her a long term supply of the drugs that will keep her alive in return for the manuscript, which he hopes to sell to the Network.

Meanwhile, the group interrogates their captive, Letts, and he reveals the horrifying truth - the Network are attempting to release a tailored, hereditary chemical posing as a vaccine that will render 90% of humanity sterile in order to avert global economic and societal collapse. But is it horrifying because of the billions who will be unable to conceive, or because it sounds so... reasonable a solution. The group is riven by the struggle to answer that question.

Milner puts the group in contact with Dugdale, but when Ian, Alice and Grant go to meet him, they are arrested. Wilson, persuaded by Letts, fakes an escape for him. Unfortunately for Letts, his stone-faced Assistant murders him upon his return.
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