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The first series of Utopia reaches its devastating conclusion (don't forget, season 2 starts TOMORROW on Channel 4). Grant is in peril at the headquarters of sinister corporation Corvadt, Dugdale finds out he's been played all along, while the rest of the group try to find and destroy the Janus doses that are about to go out to everybody in the country.

Grant kills the Assistant, who he believes to be Mr Rabbit. A carved scar on the man's stomach seems to confirm this. Anja, the Russian prostitute who has been used to blackmail Dugdale, turns out to be a Network operative. Dugdale kills her and escapes.

Jessica rescues Grant, but Wilson turns on them both, won over by the cold logic of Lett's argument in the previous episode. Jessica shoots him and leaves him gasping on the tiled floor of the Corvadt lobby.

Together, the group go to the warehouse where Janus is being kept, masquerading as Russian flu vaccine. They burn it, after an intervention by Milner frees them from the armed squads waiting for them. Milner takes Jessica back to MI5 headquarters to debrief her while the others flee for the Scottish Highlands. Sitting in Milner's office, Jessica notices a stone on her desk - the same stone that Arby carried. She realises that Milner is Mr. Rabbit.

Fleeing to the rooftop, she burns the manuscript. Milner appears and explains that the manuscript was not what she wanted all along - Jessica was the true target. She shoots Jessica in the leg to stop her jumping. Janus is inside her, in her DNA.
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At the conclusion to this it looks like the Network has essentially won, although they do actually have a hard task ahead of them in distributing Janus, even if they do have a perfect formula. It will be very interesting to see where the next series takes it.
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It does seem like they've won, but basically all of the principles are now relatively free and clear - Arby is seemingly out of action or no longer working for the Network, Milner is focused on Jessica and pretty much everyone else is on the run or no longer under the Network microscope.

The trailer for season 2 poses all kinds of questions about new characters and the return of characters I thought were dead, notably Arby and his partner.
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Fanfare thread for Season 2, Episode 1.
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Finally got to Utopia just as the American version streams.
I reckon I remember a plot point in this series from elsewhere but can’t remember from where. Am I wrong?
The bit about Letan’s name left in a footnote and there being a photo of the early network team leading to the discovery of Mr. Rabbit. Anyone else recall this from elsewhere?
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