Supernatural: Angel Heart
May 4, 2015 10:45 PM - Season 10, Episode 20 - Subscribe

Claire Novak returns to Supernatural in search of her mother. When she gets injured, Castiel arrives at the hospital with the Winchesters.
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It was good for Cas and the boys to have a worthy opponent in Tamiel. He was both creepy and powerful.
posted by cfoxhi at 10:54 PM on May 4, 2015

Castiel had the pop culture upgrade from Metatron last season, and he was just AT the place, he knows it's not "The Hot Topical." And Dean didn't correct him. Cas was trying to make Claire laugh! Awwww.
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Kind of not a bad episode, all things considered. Still rather like Claire, and her Grumpy Cat.

Poor mom. But at least she and Jimmy were finally reunited.

I'd love to see this spinoff.
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This episode felt a lot more like it came from the early seasons of the show and that's a good thing. We had the other episode that was also somewhat reminiscent with the slug things, but it didn't quite get there. This one did, and I concur, Tamiel was definitely a great threat for the Winchesters. No, I didn't get a little teary eyed at the ending, nope. NOPE.

I would also watch that spin off a thousand times more than the Chicago whatever spin off thing that was supposed to be. It's very fascinating to see how a lot of the people who are made aware of the "Other," that being the monsters of the world, ultimately end up getting sucked into it as hunters or what not. A bump in the night just can't be shrugged off as a bump in the night anymore for these folks.

Grumpy Cat for the win!
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