Bob's Burgers: Housetrap
May 15, 2015 9:20 AM - Season 5, Episode 19 - Subscribe

The Belchers offer to help Teddy take care of a rich client's lawn furniture, but a combination of bad weather, intrigue, and feeling "really poor right now" inspires them break in to enjoy and snoop around the home's interior. When both Teddy and the homeowner—newly widowed Helen Goodwin (Kaitlin Olson)—also arrive at the house, Linda and Louise spearhead an investigation into the recent death of Helen's husband Larry.



Burger of the Day: "She'll be Coming 'round the Plantain Burger"
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I love this show. Love it, love it, love it.

We watched a bunch of things off our DVR last night. First up, a couple of episodes of some longer-running sitcoms that we've been viewers of for years. We sat on the couch and...yeah, nothing. Maybe a couple of grunts of amusement. Predictable stuff where we could see the punchlines coming, watched more out of habit then out of anything else.

Then we watched this, and we were laughing pretty much start to finish. Unexpected plots and twists, yet not inconsistent with the characters; the raw enthusiasm everyone has for everything they do; wackiness that still somehow all comes together in the end. Even when the show goes a little dark, it still brings the funny.

I think there's going to be some stuff not on the DVR list next season. Because life is to short to watch crap.

"Her hair is fantastic."
"Let's ask her where she gets it done."
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Behind Bob's Burgers for this episode, featuring the deleted “crazy arms” scene AND MORE.
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A few quotable moments:

Bob: Do you think we should get a boat? And a subscription to a boat magazine? I think I'm gonna get one. I think I'm gonna get a boat; A big boat.

Gene (?): Oh, hey, Dad. Welcome to Funtown.
Bob: Oh, I forgot to get a big house so we could get a pool table. We do have to go, but first, I should probably teach you kids how to play pool.
Tina: We know how to play. You just roll the balls and hear them click. So far I'm winning. (grunts) Yes.

Bob: Ow! Hey, these pain meds are starting to kick in. And my back is feeling A oh, much better.
Helen: Happy to help. I took a couple, and I'm right there with ya.
Bob: Yeah. These are good. Oh, yeah. I'd take more.
Helen: I always take more.

Helen: Larry had the tackiest taste in boulders.

I agree with the A.V. Club reviewer's take on the fun of Loopy Dad, that it's enjoyable to see Bob outside of his usual exasperated or panicked self. Loopy Dad is like Drunk, Singing Dad, except goofier. And no singing.
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