This Is Actually Happening: What if you couldn't control your thoughts?
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A young woman talks about her thoughts being stuck "like a record player, stuck in a loop all day, every day," and how she resists the urges towards which they drive her. As is usual, discussing the events dives into her rather traumatic personal life.
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Worth a second listen, I think, and probably less of a casual one than my first. I've not dealt with the same things the interview subject has talked about, but I have certainly gazed off of high ledges and felt vaguely compelled to jump.

The episode reminded me of the first episode of Invisibilia, since one of the subjects of it had a similar problem.
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On a second listen, this episode is much darker than I had realized. The parallel with Invisibilia is strong, but with a less a happy ending. Dark & human. At the same time, it feels like a very small glimpse into a larger set of personal issues, and that makes me feel rather guilty.
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