Inside Amy Schumer: 80s Ladies
May 27, 2015 8:43 AM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Amy and a group of ladies steal a credit card in the 1980s, Amy rides a mechanical bull and defends the actions of comedian Bill Cosby.
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Okay, this one was back on track for me. Bill Nye? Jerry Seinfeld? I'm in. I thought the Bill Cosby sketch was a clever approach to the topic.
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This would have been a high point of the first two seasons. As is, solid A-minus.

And gods, that bull looked like it hurt.
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Broad City Girls!!!!!
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Bill Nye!!
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Could we also have a weekly series where it's just Bill Nye cursing in frustration at dim people re: various topics?

We are missing an opportunity here.
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Really interesting episode in that Amy almost becomes just a cast member throughout the show.

Bill Nye was a huge hit. Really funny bit.

The Cosby skit was good. Amy tossing the drink away at the end helped sell it.

I wasn't a big fan of the 80's Ladies bits. I mean, I got the wafer-thin gag, but I didn't think it deserved repeating over and over. I couldn't quite make out the theme song lyrics, though. Maybe that would have helped me like the skits more?

The Weird Science riff was fairly funny. I thought it was interesting that they can say "big dick" but not "big cock". Even the text on the computer screen had "cock" censored out but not "dick".

The psychic interview was lame, though. It was too much of Amy interrupting the woman just to toss-in a stale joke.
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Yeah, the Cosby trial was scathing. I didn't think it was terribly funny, but that's okay because it was so on-target.

I was in my twenties during the 80s and the 80's Ladies sketches didn't really work for me. I feel like there's tons of stuff there to satirize and riff on, and the things she chose were mostly uninteresting. And then I wondered if my reaction was because I came of age in the 80s and I just don't know how silly it looks from her generation. Although, to be honest, I think the 80s look very silly, even repugnant. (I'm repeatedly on record with passionate rants against the 80s.)

During the ideal man sketch, I totally didn't notice that the friend grabbed her breast and so didn't understand why she was shielding her crotch. That only became apparent with the end bit (not precisely a blooper reel).

Loved the "does that describe your mom" retort.
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