Murder, She Wrote: Steal Me a Story   Rewatch 
May 30, 2015 5:14 PM - Season 4, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Jessica is in LA for a book tour, where a young woman named Gayle Yamada tells Jess that she has been asked to quietly adapt a JB Fletcher plot for the TV show Danger Doctor. Jessica does Gayle a solid and offers to co-write a whole new script, instead of taking legal actions. This pulls Jess into the messy world of Hollywood, again, where Danger Doctor is in danger of falling apart due to personality conflicts. And then there's the bomb that kills the aggressive TV producer, Sid Sharkey, which pulls in all the women working with the show because someone heard women's shoes retreating from Sharkey's office before the bomb went off.
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I missed my usual Tuesday M,SW post when I would have posted this one, so I doubled up today.

Interesting series of episodes regarding the roles and attitudes of women: the previous one featured (somewhat) sexually open older women, opening with "beauty shop feminists;" this one featured a 'the network [that] says, "use a female writer." ' The next one is about older ladies running the town brothel.
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I almost missed this post. M, SW did explore a lot of women archetypes in this season.
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Danger Doctor looked like schlocky fun.
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