Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park   Rewatch 
June 2, 2015 7:02 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

It's a special Human Christmas episode that finds Morty shrunk down and injected into the body of a hobo, a human vessel for a micro-sized amusement park, to find Rick's missing partner in the theme park enterprise and to save the hobo's life. Outside of the Inner Space, Jerry looks forward to device-free Christmas with his parents, but gets a shocking surprise when he doesn't guess who's coming to dinner with them.

Rick and Morty can be streamed at Adult Swim.com and on HuluPlus, not to mentioned purchased through online vendors.

*This episode also guest stars John Oliver and Dana Carvey!
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This episode was what really got me hooked on this show, since I love Disneyland, Jurassic Park, and awkward Christmases. The "monument to compromise" line in the stinger made me cry from laughing.
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This was my second time watching the episode...(and i just realized I forgot to slap rewatch AGAIN...DOH.)

I definitely loved the mash up of Disneyland and Jurassic Park, particularly Rick's sensitivity and pride concerning the pirate ride. There's a ton of great one liners in the episode, too, such as, "Wait, there is an automatic switch!" Was Jerry's sweater supposed to a visual cue that this Christmas was going to be off? It looked like upside down Christmas trees.
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town of cats - same here. I liked the other two, they were fun, but man, you throw in some Disneyland references and a cell with a walking stick that has John Oliver's voice and I am sold.
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Nipple hole?
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Okay we skew young on metafilter but mentioning Inner Space and not Fantastic Voyage is too much.
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We saved Fantastic Voyage for the Archer discussion!
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"Listen, if the situation keeps darkening, do yourself a favor and pop by Pirates of the Pancreas. Obviously I'm biased but...I think it's great, Morty. It's a bunch of Pi-UH-irates running around a-uh-buh-BUUHH-pancreas. We don't whitewash it either, Morty, I mean, the pirates are really rapey."
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