Murder, She Wrote: Indian Giver   Rewatch 
June 3, 2015 12:11 PM - Season 4, Episode 10 - Subscribe

When a mysterious man in native attire rides his horse into Cabot Cove's Founders Day celebration and throws a spear at the mayor's podium, there's a lot of talk in the town. But when George Longbow then comes to the urgent town hall meeting and claims to own the town as the 11th direct descendant of the Algonquin chief Manitoka and heir to a historic land grant, the locals get riled and threats are made. The next day, the body of a local contractor is found with the antique Algonquin lance driven through his chest, everyone looks at George as the most likely suspect, but something doesn't sit right with Jessica Fletcher.
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For your reading pleasure, NPR's article on the history behind the phrase "don't be an Indian giver."
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It was not my fave of this season, but it was very interesting, with points going to framing a Native American in that obvious and doofusy manner and Seth and JB becoming a resident superhero go-to team. Domestic violence was an issue, but I have a hard time believing Cabot Cove was going to get a superfabulous resort hotel built there. Really, this place had it all!
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I was surprised how well they handled the question of racism and Native rights to land, as well as inter-ethnic/cultural dating and that Jessica and George seemed to be mutually going "ahh, were we not forty years apart...." but that may be my Jessica Fletcher, the Sex Bomb, vision.
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