Grace and Frankie: The Earthquake
June 6, 2015 10:21 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Some minor quakes happen, triggering Frankie's seismophobia, and Sol comes to her rescue (annoying Robert). Grace continues to online date and has a ....surprising romantic encounter with an unlikely suspect. Coyote goes over to Mallory's.

Grace has been online dating--but not meeting anyone IRL-- for a month. Sample dialogue: "I tickled him and he squeezed me back." Frankie bugs her to actually go on a date instead of "punching and fingering people" and makes sure she slips condoms in Grace's purse when she's not looking. (How old are those condoms anyway?) And then a minor earthquake happens, which freaks Frankie the hell out ever since she saw a kid killed by a lawn jockey in a previous quake. She won't come out from under and Grace is not a coddler.

Sol and Robert are arguing over where to stash pills--Robert says bathroom and Sol says kitchen since you take them with food. "Look at us, we're bickering!" They plan to stay at home tonight and get takeout paella, but the quake interrupts that-- Sol knows he needs to go check on Frankie and her seismophobia. "It's her first quake alone and the only one there to comfort her is Grace." "GO," Robert says.

Grace empties her purse looking for drugs to give Frankie, but for once Frankie's not interested. Sol calls and gets no response. Grace is not a coddler and tells her to get off the floor. Frankie won't and asks Grace to massage her chest. Sol arrives and gets on that massage duty. He also looked up the earthquake stats to reassure her. Think of an out of state happy place!

Despite that restraining order, Coyote comes over to Mallory's to leave a copy of "And Tango Makes Three" (gay penguin book) for the kids. She's planting a garden of pacifiers--it's a kid thing. We find out Coyote traded his bike seat for that book, which maybe wasn't such a good idea. Can he borrow a seat? Mallory goes to look, saying, "Can you just stay out of trouble for five minutes?" "Let's find out."
He plays with toys in the yard. Mitch arrives and is rightly pissed off, threatening a whopping ball kicking. When Coyote objects to the medical inaccuracy of the remark, Mitch rephrases that he's going to jam his windpipe through his throat. Mallory emerges with Mitch's bike seat, which they know they'll never get back. He's going to be her stepbrother, what else can she do?

Grace's first Internet date basically turns into a clone of her and says he likes whatever she does. She tells him he's being a bit much, but when he says he wishes he was the steak she was eating, she asks for her meal to be thrown away, and the check.

Sol takes Frankie out for lunch and texts Robert while they eat. Another quake--no, it's a cement truck. "We're acting normal, and nothing's normal," Frankie says. She asks how did it start with Robert and Sol is choking. Law conference in NY, he tries to derail with bridge talk... "now get back to the fucking around part." They had a big kiss in an elevator. It was just different. Because it was a man or Robert? Probably both. We went to our rooms and we didn't even talk about it, we didn't know how. Four months later we did it again. Sol tried not to choose it, they broke it off repeatedly. If I told you, I would have ended our marriage. I still loved our family. She's sorry she asked.

Grace comes home from her date to find one of Frankie's ex-con art students (Byron, we find out later), there. He's a burglar by trade and know, came in and made a sandwich. He just came to check on Frankie but she wasn't there. He sees Grace's condoms and asks if she's having a good day. He thinks what the ladies's husbands did were stupid, and he thinks Grace is hot, and please tell me that if he wasn't fucking you, someone else was." Another quake goes off and he moves her to a doorway and gives her a passionate kiss.

Frankie's still under the table. The waiter comes to check on them and Sol orders carrot cake.

Grace about passed out during that kiss. She CLIMBS HIM. They hit the table. She breaks it off, but she can't even walk. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves with his sandwich. She counts to four a lot.

Sol comes home to find Robert with two other guys, eating paella. Three hours late and Robert threw a party without him. The guys leave ("we're leaving on both our accounts!") and Robert is all, "please don't talk to me the way you talk to her." But that's just how Sol talks! Robert is mad that he was blown off for the wife AGAIN and Sol should have figured it out (Guess Culture!) through his texts.
they apologize, make up, eat. Frankie texted Sol about the quake and he tells her to sleep.

Frankie and Grace talk in the studio. How'd the date go? "Unepxectedly." Frankie is all, "It was a good day. Except for almost dying." Frankie forgot to cancel on Byron. Where were you all day, Grace asks. Under a table.

There is a painting in which a chicken is being choked. Just so you know.

Btw, if someone wants to post these before I get to them, go for it--I'm currently watching them when my mom is around.
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Man, if I had a nickel every time that timing-of-texts thing hosed me, I'd probably have a Malibu beach house too.
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Wow, finishing all the episodes definitely gave me a different perspective on this one. Grace's date in particular.

I really liked Byron, hot, skeezy still criminal that he is. Can't date him,

Coyote and Mallory: still weird. Also, riding with no bike seat? Even more painful than an actual bike seat. That dude is weird.
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