Adventure Time: Memories of Boom Boom Mountain   Rewatch 
June 8, 2015 4:57 AM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Finn attempts to solve everyone's problems, mainly because he was a boom boom baby.
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I like the idea of an entire culture based on roughhousing. But that mountain was high maintenance!
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This remains my favorite episode of the series, and is easily the most quoted in my house.

"Disgusting, fabulous bodies." "The petting got out of hand." "Don't expect any sugar from me until you wash your dirty, dirty face." "That's not a problem; that's the OPPOSITE of a problem!"

I doubt that a week has gone by since I've watched it that I've quoted this episode fewer than three times.
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This episode bothered me in the same way Trigun does. I like and agree with the idea that trying to help everyone is a good goal to have and that it would be awesome if it was possible, but then instead of having to adjust to reality (whatever that would mean for Ooo), we just have everything work anyway, somehow. It makes me feel awkward, like I got halfway up for a cheer and then everything kind of stopped and left me sort of muscle-pinchingly crouched.
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If Finn would've learned that he can't help everyone, we wouldn't end up with episodes like "The Goblin King."
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