Halt and Catch Fire: Play With Friends
June 22, 2015 12:37 AM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

After last weeks' events, Mutiny faces doom and cat litter discussions while Joe sees the future (again) and puts a new plan on motion.

After Gordon's outburst, the rest of Mutiny becomes aware of their financial problems and loses a valuable asset in the process, but one returns with a new business strategy.
Joe pitches his vision for the future to Gordon, who is unwilling to go on another Joe Wild Ride, until he sees a shot at redemption.
Meanwhile, CAMHOWE does a classic noob mistake in the community, and in a Community moment, cooks up something that could be the spark the company needs.
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Fucking hell, this was a great episode. If the first few were the engine of a much better show than S1 revving up, this was the tires squealing and the car peeling out over the starting line. God damn. More of this please.
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Seriously, the only negative thing I can say right now is that the cast is white as fuck, and the one semi-prominent PoC just left ... But I think he'll come back around and I hope becomes more important as a result (adding more wouldn't hurt). They made it more than clear that he was very needed and Cameron knows it.

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I'm assuming that CAMHOWE being so close to CAMWHORE was just a happy little accident, but now I can't unsee it.

I was also ticked that Yo-Yo was one of the ones who walked, but it makes perfect sense, and he'll totally be back. (Incidentally, I would have sworn that I'd seen Cooper Andrews in something else, but nope.)
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I had to do a doubletake with CAMHOWE, because for an instant I thought someone was going to suggest adding a premium XXX chatroom. Then almost instantly I realized the "Cam" part was some 10 years from becoming a reality, and noticed it was actually Cameron's handle.
At first I was a bit weary of Cameron/Tom. If the kiss happened on the closet, I'd be pissed, but instead, they managed to hold it off until it actually made some sense. It might have been a bit too fast, but HCF paces itself hard.

Man, and Boz. His sweet-talking to the kid's mother might have been a bit too "facebook is how kids socialize now", but Toby Huss really stole that moment. He's might be a dinosaur compared to the kids at Mutiny (even Donna), but sales deep down never change, and he's the best Cameron could hope for.

Joe is back to being Joe, he's going to screw this one up, even if he's right (again). He does one hell of a team with Gordon, that's for sure.

I'm not sure how to deal with Donna's pregnancy and Gordon's health problem. That seemed an unnecessary plot device at this point.
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I'm glad "Mutiny has a problem that Joe has the solution to" wasn't drawn out, but Joe is treading some seriously dangerous ice at this point.
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You may want to hold that thought:
Cameron and Joe clash leaving Cameron in a tailspin. Gordon attempts to deal with some difficult news.

(from next weeks bit)

I think it was suggested the additional processing power would be used on Donna's Chatroom project, but that's still Mutiny anyway.
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I am more bothered by Mutiny's inconsistent game design philosophy than I probably should be.

Last episode, Cameron was going on about how online games need stories, but the only game we've seen that has a story is her text adventure. The other games we know they have are: a tank Combat-like, checkers and backgammon. None of which have a story, and the appeal of playing them online is you can play against human opponents.

Now they're inventing a game in the closet and talking like the breakthrough is that people want to shoot human opponents, when the obvious precedent is the tank Combat-like.
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