Adventure Time: What Is Life?   Rewatch 
June 26, 2015 7:51 AM - Season 1, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Finn creates a Never Ending Pie-Throwing Robot (NEPTR) but a wayward Ice King spell causes it to come to life.
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Neptr is one of my favorite super-minor AT characters. His relationship with Finn mirrors Finn's with Martin in someways, and BMO treats him almost like a Zoidberg-type.
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"Sneaking... We're sneaking."
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So many great bits in this one!

- Finn getting butter-pranked is endlessly hilarious
- I love Finn's NEPTR song, it gets stuck in my head surprisingly often
- "Holy stuff.... wowkowchow!" are both part of my daily lexicon
- I laugh like a maniac every time I watch this one when NEPTR starts up and doesn't work right - "why, creator?! does it please you to watch me struggle?"
- "Creator, you have shown me the joys of pranking! I cannot wait to throw pies infinitely at Jake's face!"
- Finally, my favorite line in this whole episode: "YAY, TO THE MESOSPHERE! FINALLY WE CAN DIE!"

Adventure Time is the best.
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