Dark Matter: Episode Four
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One's lookalike goes on the attack, only to reveal a disturbing truth about his doppleganger. Plus: Four's past exposed.
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Okay, it finally feels like something is starting to build. After the last episode I was pretty down on the show, but it has earned a reprieve with this one.
posted by sardonyx at 3:44 PM on July 5, 2015

Yeah, episode three was not bad, but it wasn't good. It was just sort of there. Granted, I was cooking while I was sort of watching it, but that seemed appropriate to its quality level.

But this one seemed a lot better to me in numerous respects.
posted by Ivan Fyodorovich at 7:55 AM on July 6, 2015

I am super-interested in what's going on with the Secret Prince!

Not everything gelled in this episode. Wasn't quite buying Dark Corso and there was too much exposition. But One and Three have some pretty good comic chemistry, and I'm looking forward to how that plays out. I'm still thinking of Three as Evil Jack O'Neill.
posted by rednikki at 9:58 PM on July 6, 2015

I liked:

- Seeing Two instinctively kill the casino guys (I didn't necessarily like that she killed them, but I liked what it showed us about the character's default mode). Also liked how she described it later - "I was... pretty thorough."

- The Secret Prince

- The way the doctor's office was portrayed, and the way Six reacted to it

- The fact that they made their situation worse instead of better, mostly because of their ignorance about who they are

I didn't like:

- The pervasive sense of "Shoot it tight - we only built 40 feet of space station set!" (The bar "set" from the previous episode where we see the Other Corso looked like a complete afterthought, like they had spent maybe all of $45 to put it together and did it in a hurry)

- The actor playing Corso/One just doesn't seem menacing at all

- The android noticed Other Corso's different hair when he came to get the guns, but didn't notice it was different again when One returned (although they might be waiting to pay that off later, in which case we can move this to my "liked" column)

Other thoughts - the scene with One and Three tied up and bickering made me think I was watching a sci-fi version of Chandler and Ross in peril. One is Ross in this analogy. In case it isn't obvious.

So it's still not quite there for me yet, but I'm willing to stick with it for a few more episodes to see if it finds its groove.
posted by under_petticoat_rule at 10:32 PM on July 8, 2015

I liked showing 2 and 6 casually referring to each other's run-ins on the planet directly after 1 and 3 have their blackmail talk. The former were also talking about how they lost the opportunity to do research while they were at a cafe that had WiFi (spacestation, whatever), highlighting that 4 did get some research done.

2 has stuff she's hides from the rest of the crew, too, though it seems to be more looking out for everyone. 3, 4, 5, and now 1 are all hiding things out of mistrust or attempts at personal advantage.

Does 6 have any thing he's hiding?
posted by mountmccabe at 3:44 PM on November 13, 2015

I'm reading through some back posts about Dark Matter, but as of today, season 2 is 3-4 episodes in, so I see this comment:

> Does 6 have any thing he's hiding?

And I gotta say "heh."
posted by Sunburnt at 2:26 PM on July 22, 2016

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